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[NOTE: The following is applicable and working fine only in the Internet Explorer Browser. This does not work in any other Browser.]

1)     Web Dynpro Application is created in SE80 Tcode by creating the Web Dynpro component with a view holding a custom button (‘Close Application’) type (UI element ‘BUTTON’).


2)     In the window for the component under the tab ‘Outbound plugs’ create an ‘Exit’ plug as displayed below of Plug type ‘EXIT’ with a parameter named ‘URL’ (type string). Make sure the ‘Interface’ check box is checked when creating Exit plug.

Activate the Window./wp-content/uploads/2012/04/step2_95661.png

3)     Go to the View in which the ‘Close application’ button is created. Go to ‘Properties’ tab of the View and add the entry for the Window controller in the view so that the exit plug can be triggered on the click to the exit application.



We are able to see the entry made for the Window controller. This usage will make allow us to use the Exit plug created under the window.

4)     Go to the Layout tab in the view and create an Event named ‘Exit_Application’ on the Close application button created. This way and Event Handler will be generated named ‘ONACTIONEXIT_APPLICATION’.


Go to the Methods tab in the view, where we are able to see the Event handler ‘ONACTIONEXIT_APPLICATION’ too.


5)     Create a file named ‘close3.htm’ with blank contents on the system’s desktop and import it as a MIME object under component the following the below steps: 

Right Click on Component name > Create > MIME object > Import.


Import the file CLOSE3.HTM from the front end and save.


6)     Go to the Method ONACTIONEXIT_APPLICATION code editor, click on the code generator button and call the code for the exit plug.



The Fire code for Exit plug is available now. Un-comment the URL statement and pass the Value to URL parameter as –

‘<Component name>/Close3.htm’ (in a single quotes as a string).

See the below:

Activate the component and create an application.


7)     Test the application in the Internet explorer browserby copy-pasting the URL for the application.


8)     Click on the ‘Close Application’ button and it closes the IE window.

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  1. Madhu B

    incase if you want to close without any target, instead of importing blank html file, we can use url = ‘about:blank’ in the method fire_exit_plug( )


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