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Vendor / Material Intelligent Search in Purchase Order

There is an interesting concept of Intelligent Search which i have learnt from SCN  & would like to share with all.

Often we have seen that in Purchase order there is a Tab for entering vendor code./wp-content/uploads/2012/04/1_95212.png

Our Requirement is that once i entered the initials of a vendor then system should propose all vendor codes created against those initials.(Intelligent Search)

For Ex : We want Vendor code of a vendor with initials “test” . Assume that Intelligent Search in not activated in System.

Enter the initials & Press Enter


System will show an error message


Lets Perform the same Scenario via Intelligent Search.

Steps to  Activate Intelligent Search

1)There is a Tab ” Personal Settings”


2) Click on it . At the bottom we can see intelligent Search options as Deactivated.


3) Activate it.


4) Save & Now test the same scenario again.



This  time system will propose you options with required initials to choose.

Same will happen for Material codes also.

Hope it helps you !! 🙂

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  • Hi Sachin,

    Thanks for this blog. I have few queriesregarding intelligent search help.

    Can we activate this intelligent search help using ABAP code? Based on document type can we activate or deactivate this functionality? If we want to activate this option for various users, do we need to go to each users personal settings and activate this?



  • Thank you for sharing your insight. I don’t think that your example was precise. After you activated ‘Intelligent search’, you seemed to have entered ‘test’ but in the previous example you only entered ‘TE’. In order to demonstrate the real results, you need to enter ‘TE’ again after you activated intelligent search and not ‘test’ as shown in the screenshot.