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SAP HCM and Outsourcing

Most customers using SAP HCM outsource some of their business or technical processes. We thought this was a very important topic and new SAP Mentor Luke Marson, Steve Bogner, Sven Ringling and myself got together to talk about it in depth.

The podcast can be accessed here or via iTunes and we discussed the following:

     1:45 – Types of HCM Outsourcing and examples we have seen

     5:25 – Outsourcing and Talent Management

     7:35 – US Outsourcing with Payroll and BPO insights

     9:00 – Change orders and hidden costs

     11:00 – Examples of when outsourcing can be value added for organizations

     12:15 – Is cost the real driver when companies outsource all of HR

     15:55 – Inexperienced consultants due to outsourcing business model and risks to customers and SAP. Check out this recent NY times article Indian Company Under Scrutiny Over U.S. Visas

     18:50 – Risk of customers losing internal talent after outsourcing

     20:35 How customers can make outsourcing work for them

     25:00 Why customers need a strong internal team, governance and service level agreements

     29:55 Trends in Outsourcing in Talent Management and SuccessFactors

     31:10 Outsourcing versus Software as a Service (SaaS)

     35:00 Outsourcing a specific HR business process and integration with SAP

Outsourcing is a very important topic and it is crucial that SAP customers understand what they are getting into and have a clear understanding of the reasons and business benefits they are trying to achieve.

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