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First of all, I would like to stress that all the functionalities/features you see in this blog are free if you already have MSS license (No third party license or development required). Also you can switch off this feature if your users don’t like it, as the visualization business function switch is reversible. Personally I think that this feature provides a better user experience. Even though this org chart visualization was introduced in Ehp5, there are some new applications that use this new feature in the new MSS Add-on (EA-HR_MSS ) which was released after Ehp5. Ok enough with the details and let’s take a look at the applications with and without this new feature.


  1. Ask your basis to install the Nakisa Embedded Org. Chart add-on “EMBORGCH” and MSS add_on “EA-HR_MSS”.
  2. Activate the Business Function: HCM_PD_UI_1 using transaction SFW5.
  3. Bingo! that’s all you need to do…

MSS WDA Applications:


New Picture.png

You can drag and drop employees to compare.

New Picture (1).png

Click the  icon to view the hierarchy

New Picture (3).png

HCMPF start process for employees (HCMPF):

New Picture (4).png

Search for an employee:

New Picture (5).png

Start Organizational Process (HCMPF):

New Picture (6).png

Edit Position Details:

New Picture (7).png

Tip: You can turn on/off this new feature even for a user by setting the parameter “PDVIS_OFF” to X.

New Picture (8).png

Start process after switching the visualization feature off:

New Picture (9).png

New Picture (10).png

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Prakash,

    Great blog. Is there any SAP link/note which mentions about this new feature and that its does not require any license.

  2. Joyce Billquist

    We are in the process of implementing MSS Add-on 1.0 for EHP5.  We had Basis do the stops you listed above and switched on the Business Function.  However, we do not see the Org Chart in the portal.  Are there other config steps that need to take place? Do we need to do anything with OADP?

    1. Former Member Post author

      Please check whether installation of EMBORGCH was done according to the note 1485853

      Please make sure that the following service is active in SICF,


      Test the webdynpro demo application “hier_vis_demo” to check whether visualization works.

  3. Former Member

    We were able to get the org chart display working, but the data in the org chart boxes is being truncated / cut off.  Is there a way to adjust the box size or force automated re-sizing of the boxes so that the complete data (employee name, eg.) is fully displayed?

  4. Former Member

    If we need to use this service, selectively. I.e. use this for Travel request but not HR Process and forms. Can we do this. I know that we can turn off this for individual users already. tx

  5. Former Member

    Hi Prakash,

    Good blog for team view. Appreciate your effort in putting this useful info.

    I have customer system which is on EHp6 and HR renewal is not installed. They dont have license for Nakisa as well.

    When i try to view the team in Home page for MSS, it does not return any value. i just see grid/list with out any value in team. Tried to execute Webdynpro application HRMSS_TEAM_DETAIL & HR_MSS_HOMEPAGE from se80.

    And i do not see the service NAKISA_ORGCHART in SICF.  As per the note 1488244  for missing MIME files for organizational chart which is only applicable for only EHp5.

    appreciate any help.

    Thanks & regards,


    1. Former Member

      Hi Shreelakshmi

      The features above will work with EhP6 but you still need to make sure you have done all the business function / switch activation for both the Embedded Org Chart and MSS Add-on, plus SP’s and Notes. The Release Information Note for MSS Add-on is 1588625. This Note contains cross references to other useful Notes, including Note 1565256 ‘Adjustments to MSS Add-on 1.0 for EhP6’, which sounds as if it would be particularly relevant for you! You should search for all MSS Add-on related Notes, especially those impacting EhP6 & get your Basis team to also apply these in your system. Hopefully this will get it working for you.

      Kind regards,


      1. Christopher Solomon

        Do you know if any of the certified vendors offer a similar component/add-on with more functionality as part of their “pay” product offerings for Org Chart Visualization? (OrgPlus, Org.Manager, OrgPublisher and/or even a more robust Nakisa product)

  6. Former Member

    Hi Prakash,

    I am on EA-HR 606 – Level 24;

    The note 1485853 says on Ehp6, EMBORGCH was provided with in EA-HR (606) itself hence we need not to deploy EMBORGH seperately. If so what are the other things need be done to achieve a successful Team View Service.

      1. Former Member

        Hi Srikanth,

        How did you resolve this issue, i am in EA-HR 607 – Level 11.

        I am getting error when i am trying to login MSS — Team View — Hierarchy:

        500 SAP Internal Server Error

        ERROR: The ASSERT condition was violated. (termination: RABAX_STATE)

        If you have any idea please help me on this one.

        Thank you!!


          1. Former Member

            Hi Srikanth,

            I did every thing whatever Prakash mentioned, but we did not install Nakisa Embedded Org. Chart add-on “EMBORGCH” and MSS add_on “EA-HR_MSS”, because we are on EA-HR 607 – Level 11.

            Even when i am trying to execute the “hier_vis_demo” i am getting “500 SAP Internal Server Error”.

            If you have any idea please help me on this one.

            Thank you!!


            1. Former Member

              Hi Abhiram K

              Really sorry for the delay in reply, was busy with other work.

              As you are on 607 version you don’t need “Add-on EmbOrgCh 605”

              Make sure that your are done with below:

              User Parameters from SU01:



              Activations from SICF:

              default_host /sap /public/Business Suite /BCV

              default_host /sap /bc /webdynpro /sap /hier_vis_ui_wrapper

              default_host /sap /bc /webdynpro /sap /hrmss_team_details


              Srikanth Naidu.

              1. Former Member

                Hi Srikanth,

                Nice to see your reply, i did all those things….still it is not working.

                I am not sure why, if i miss any thing other than that…..please let me know.

                Thank you!!


                1. Former Member

                  Make sure that, In content administration, you made the iview visible under the your MSS role and have the required permissions.

                  Still if you won’t get the result, please raise a new discussion in ESS community with all screenshots. May be seniors / other can help us.

                  We are taking Mr Prakash Kumar space without his permissions here, I hope he didn’t mind.

  7. Former Member

    Is it possible to change the org unit displayed to one that the manager is not responsible for? We would like our mid-level managers to have the ability to view the entire org unit for which they belong, can changing the navigation parent accomplish this?

    Thank you!



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