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KM Transport

This Blog describes the how to transport KM objects. When we transport roles, workset, Pages, iviews we create .epa file but in case of KM we create .kmc file at source system and we need to import this to destination system.

To transport  KM files or folder from our source system to destination system. then we login to the Source System and follow the below steps:

Export Steps:

  1. Login to Source Portal and Go to Content Administration-> KM content -> Export-> Pending Exports(Left Navigation)


  2. Click on New Transport Package and give the transport name as in below pic I have given Test


3. Now select the path for your file or Folder and finally click ok. If you need to select files/doc at different- different folder location then use Path 2, Path 3 ….n.


4. Click save button to save the new transport request

5. Now we need click on context menu of created Transport package and select Start Export as shown below


6. Next window will show the file details. If you have configured CTS then switch to CTS window



   7. After the import is started, download the package through Archived Exports link from left navigation,

       If CTS is being used then this step is not required.


Import Steps:

  1.  Login to Destination portal and navigate to Content Administration-> KM content -> Imports->Package upload.

   2. Select the package file which you have downloaded and click on upload.



Note: If we are using CTS and we have selected CTS package in 6th Step of export process then above Step 1 & 2 is not required as export

         package will be moved to system through CTS mechanism. In this case we should start Import Process from Step 3rd directly

3. Now Go to Pending Imports and select Start Import to import the package


4. Now in Next window select “Merge Content within a Folder” and select the Start Import Button


5. To verify the package import go to  Archived Import history


Now Import completed Successfully, We can check the log from above step. Now to check our imported files/folders go to KM path which we selected while exporting the package.


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    • Hi ABH,

      I am not having any idea on this but i think its not possible .

      If you have large file size then you can follow below workaround

      1. Use portal Drive

      2. Copy WebDAV url of KM folder and add it as network drive in your windows system

          and after that Copy & Paste

      But it will be better that you post your QA in forum you may get help.