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Internationalization in BPM 7.2



                       Sandbox/development CE Server.

                       Have basic knowledge of BPM


                       Administrator rights in NWA.


1)    Create bpm project by following this link.

2)    Expand the src folder in the created project.


3)    Depends upon requirement, we can internationalize our bpm project. In our case, we need to internationalize bpm task to French language.

        For that expand the tasks folder under src.

          a.    You can able to see the default XLF files, the default xlf files is for English language.


          b.    Copy the default xlf files and paste it under tasks folder, after pasting you will get below screen.


         c.    Rename it to wsdltask.task_fr.xlf, Locale fr denotes French Language.

          d.    Double click the newly created file wsdltask.task_fr.xlf and change the source language to French.


          e.    Open the Resource Text tab, click Translate to sort the values.


          f.    Select translatable values and click on Edit button. Translate the default value to French value.

                Workflow(English) – flux de travail(French)


4)    Trigger the process and check the task in UWL.


         Workflow is appearing in English, it means the logged in user language assigned as English. So we need to change the logged in user language           to French.

          Log on to nwa->Operation Management->Users and Access->Identity Management

          Select User in the drop down, type the username and click Go button.


5)    Select the user and click modify button. Change the language to French and save it.


6)    Trigger the process again and check the task in UWL.


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