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  1. Sascha Wenninger

    Hi Naresh,

    it would seem that you accidentally created a blog when you probably wanted to post a question on the forums. Blogs are intended to be used by SCN members to share their thoughts and experiences with the rest of the community. Forums are now called Discussions in the new SCN.

    In order to have other community members see your question and give them a chance to respond (and hopefully provide a helpful solution), I think it would be best if you delete this blog and re-create your question as a Discussion. You can do this by selecting Create > Discussion from the menu in the upper right-hand corner.

    These two documents will also provide more information:

    How to create question in new format of SDN and The Difference Between a Discussion, Blog Post and a Document.

    I would also recommend this article on effectively asking questions on the internet.

    Good luck, and thank you for your help in keeping SCN organised!


    1. Former Member

      Hi Sascha,

      Ok dear ,

      for this error i have checked the the dbm.knl file and again i apply the log from next log it’s working fine.

      previously i was applying from 11836 because in dbm.knl file this was last applied log.

      but in sequence number we need to check then apply log.




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