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Chinese characters data display issue

Not all our customers are site/region specific , we will get the data in other languages apart from English!

However we can never say we either receive data only in English or only in other language (which depends on the user/customer native language). With this blog I would like to share  the major issue we face with Chinese data.

  • BW reports are not displaying Chinese characters
  • All the Chinese characters are shown as garbage values (like ##### or ?????)

Chinese issue.JPG

Steps to identify and solve

  • Check if the data is displaying properly(in Chinese) in your source system.
  • If answer is Yes for the above, then it might be a Unicode problem in BW system.
  • Go to SM59 –> Check the RFC connections for both Source system and Destination systems (BW).
  • Check the Logon and security tab –> the Language tab should NOT specified with any language by default (EN).
  • The Language tab should be left BLANK.


  • Similarly check the MDMP & Unicode tab
  • The Communication type with the target system should be selected as UNICODE


Save these changes (if it is not set by default).

PS: After setting these changes in your system, data need to refreshed if you want to see the Chinese characters for the historic data in the report. otherwise Chinese characters will be displayed only for the newly created transaction.

Chinese issue after.JPG

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