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SAP Sybase IQ 15.4 install and Run Through

Hi All,

My first post on the SCN platform.

A few weeks back my good friend Josh Fletcher and I did a video podcast of a basic Sybase IQ install. We loaded a bit of data and ran some queries so that people can get a first look at Sybase IQ. We have a few more of these planned in the coming weeks to get deeper under the hood.

NOTE – The audio is not great but if you are listening through headphones then only listen with the left ear and the echo will go 😉 .



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  • Thanks for the video, still very hard to understand even with only 1 ear …

    But still very usefull and understandable.

    I’m planning to move BusinessObjets CMS & AUDIT base from mySQL to Sybase IQ : Is it possible ? Any advice ?
    Do you have any specifics regarding database creation on Sybase IQ ?
    Thanks !

    • Hi Guillaume,

      Thanks for the note and apologies about the audio – it got distorted during the recording.

      My understanding is that Sybase IQ is not supported by BusinessObjects to be the CMS and/or AUDIT databases.

      Sybase ASE would be more suited in this space.

      Let me know if you need more help/info.



      • No problem for the audio, wasn’t the interesting part …

        Now i’m trying to deploy my own database not the demo one, and if it can help other people, the D&T video on youtube is a good starting point :

        Couldn’t complete it because of a strange “java nested exception”, but won’t give up !

        Thanks for your answer !


        • Glad to know that you have found the D&T resource on YouTube. I had planned to do lots more videos on Sybase IQ but SAP beat me to it and did a great job.