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Infotype-2011 (Time Events) Flat file uploading process

Infotype-2011 (Time Events)

Flat file / Time sheet

Uploading process

Applies to:

SAP Human Capital Management – Positive Time management, ECC 6 (Infotype-2011)


Through this document I have tried to give you a clear idea about the uploading flat files / time sheets to infotype-2011 which is used in Positive time management, that place a vital role in entering time events in infotype-2011 later those can be transformed into time pairs will be evaluated in Time management. As a HCM Functional Consultant, many times we need to do some entries in 2011 Infotype to test the scenarios.

Author: Srikanth Naidu. Akula   1824ffe.GIF

This is the document related to Time events uploading in Infotype-2011 through a flat file.

Below is the program that runs the flat file / time sheet uploads to 2011 infotype through a program called “RPTEUP10” from the T-code “SE30“.

We can access the program shown as below.




If you have any queries feel free to contact & any corrections / suggestions are most appreciated.

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  • Hi Srikanth,

    This is an excellent artifact. However, I have some queries regarding few fields. In my positive time management implementation, the time events p10 and p20 are going to come in a flat file. Below are my queries:

    • We are not using attendance/ absence reason. Hence, can we leave this field as blank?
    • Time of Entry in SAP – The file won’t have this data and hence, from where does this time come up?
    • Date of Entry in SAP – The file won’t have this data too and hence, from where does this time come up?

    Please advise.

    Thanks and regards,


    • hi vivek,

      1. Attendance / Absence types are optional, if you are not updating these PCR TD80 should be commented in the Time evaluation schema otherwise it will give error.

      2. Time of entry in sap – you can give 000000 no issue.

      3. Date of entry in sap – you can give 00000000 no issue.


      praneeth kumar

    • Dear Vivek,

      As per my knowledge, all the above fields are mandatory by Standard behavior.

      You may try this:

      • Copy the above program to Z space
      • Modify the field characteristics with the help of your ABAPer

      As this is an outdated method, I can’t suggest you to use this process for latest requirements.