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In the past a lot of people asked me if it is possible to use the data that was captured in a StreamWork table in MS Excel. Almost everybody was able to find out how to export the data out of SAP StreamWork (via the “Export” button/link). But most people failed to import the data into MS Excel. When you open the exported file Windows will open Excel but – sometimes – all the data will be imported into one column and is therefore not useable. (For the Excel experts: this problem depends on the locale that is set in Excel. If it is for example German, the default delimiter expected in CSV files is a semicolon and you need to follow the procedure described below. If it is set to English, the default delimiter expected in a CSV is a comma and you can simply open the CSV with a simple click).

As I don’t want to answer the question over and over again, I decide to write a brief blog which documents the required steps.

Step 1 – Export the table

Above the table you will find a button “Export”. This will bring up a pop-up asking you if you want to “open” or “save” the file. Click “Save”.


Step 2 – Start MS Excel

No need to explain this step – but it is important that you first start MS Excel.

Step 3 – Import the downloaded file

Go to the “Data” tab and click on the “From Text” button. In the dialog that will pop up select the file and hit “Import”.


Step 4 – Follow the steps of the import wizard

The important step is step 2. Here you need to set the checkbox for “Comma” and clear all other checkboxes.






Now all your data from should be imported into MS Excel. Each column you had in the StreamWork table will be in one column in MS Excel.


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