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Transporting Forum Content from NW Portal 7.0 to NW Portal 7.3

  • The Transport of Forum from NW Portal 7.0 to NW Portal 7.3 is  possible to have a full system transport which means you need to transport all the relevant tables from one system to another.
  • Please beware that  this will break if both system don’t use the same user storage in UME, i.e. if users are different on the two systems, in this case the Forums application will show all posts as anonymous.
  • Therefore the users have to be same, and all users that are the same will able to keep their settings and posts.
  • The basic real crucial ‘dependency’ outside the forums application is the user mapping between UME and Forums internal tables. This is done based on the UME unique ID and therefore it should be the same on both systems.
  • If there are additional settings inside jive home folders they should be additionally transported.
  • I must warn you that this is theoretical and the official mechanism to export/import Forums is available from NW 7.30.
  • You can go through the following document for ” How to Transport Forum content between SAP Netweaver systems”

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