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Event History – How to get events triggered shown in event history list

  All jobs in production environment are run by batch/process
chains. Instead of using metachains, a 3rd party alternative tool
might be preferred for eg. Tivoli. If the intention is to use events to trigger
the process chains it is necessary that proper settings are set in SM64
transaction so that events triggered appear in event history. Tivoli looks up
in sm62 event history transaction to pick up information about event triggered
and proceed on to next steps.

The main aim of this document is to allow users get
acquainted with the settings that need to be set for event triggered to appear
in event history.

  • First start with event creation.


  • Event can be triggered in many ways 
    1. Through ABAP code by calling function module RSSM_EVENT_RAISE‘.
    2. Through process variant ‘ABAP program’ by
      giving event and parameter.
    3. Or triggering directly in SM64 transaction.

Here we will trigger the event ‘ZTEST_EVENT’ it directly in SM64 transaction.Select the event and click on trigger button/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/trigger_94885.jpg
Give parameter if needed, here parameter=TST.

  • The event triggered does not show in event history. The reason is the event is not included in an active criteria profile.
  • Create a criteria profile in criteria tab.


Click on Ok.

  • Add event and parameter details by clicking on the button as shown.


  •   Enter details.


Now the event is included in this profile.


  • Now activate the profile.


  •   Now trigger the event again (step 2), it will be
    shown in event history.


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