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Copy Queries from one multiprovider to another Multiprovider

Dear All,

Here is a small but very useful article on how we can copy Queries from one multiprovider to another Multiprovider.

I personally use these step many time and this to created one Blog on this.

So here I am.

Why we want to copy Queries.

Some times there are situations like we need to create query which is same as old but need to give more formula or key figure. Also, we have same muilti-providers copy for different reasons and may need same queries for each multi-providers.


We have one multiprovider and some queries above that. Now we need to add one more cube in the existing multiprovider. We have created one copy and have added one required cube. Now we need the same queries which are there in old cube. For that we need to copy the queries.

Here we go:

You can copy your query like this:

1 Go to SE37



3 Press Display

4 Scroll down and look for this line in the code:

IF l_subrc 0 OR l_is_compliant = rs_c_false.


5 Position the cursor on the line and set a breakpoint by clicking the “stop” sign

6 Go back

7 Run the module by pressing F8

8 Type in your source + target cubes and press F8


9 You get to the debugger at the line where you set the breakpoint. Double click on l_is_compliant to make it show in “field names” (to the left) below the code.

10 Type in x in the “field contents” (to the right), press the pen symbol to the right of the line and press F8


11 Chose the query you want from the list and press “transfer selections”


12 Check the log: after all the error messages about the cubes not being identical, there should be one line with the green light of hope – this is your query that was copied

13 Check if all the objects in the query are available in the cube you copied to by opening the query from the query designer.

An you are done.

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  • Nirmal,

    can you share on which version you have tried this? In my case I’m on SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SP08 and ABAP statement:

    IF l_subrc 0 OR l_is_compliant = rs_c_false.

    is not present in FM. Also input parameters have changed now I need to input par  I_DEFTP = REP in order to copy the query.

    Anyway thanks for sharing.



    • Hello Martin,

      I have the same issue. I dont see ABAP statement:

      ” IF l_subrc 0 OR l_is_compliant = rs_c_false.”

      How did you handled this?

      Anyhelp will be much appreciated. Thanks