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We might have an idea about version management in SAP BW but can you find complete history about changes made to particular object like how many time Info Object get modified /changed.

Scenario: Customer wants information about change to the Info Object (0Product), till SAP BW7.0 we can find only last changed information for the same.

Here is the Solution: Below Steps would help you to create historical version automatically in SAP BW 7.3.

Go to SPRO –>SAP ReferenceIMG –>SAP Net Weaver –>Business Warehouse –>General Settings –> Create Historical TLOGO Versions Automatically.


Click on New Entries and maintain Object type (CUBE/DSO/Info Object etc…) from TLOGO object like below screen


Enter the object type as IOBJ for Info Object,Check the below screen


Then goto RSA1 and select object maintenance screen then click on version management from Goto menu 


We can observe the below screen that Active and Modified versions are temporary origin, 

hence it would not store in Database table


Also we can find the History of version (object change version )with date and time,

We can observe that Version is would increase for each change.


You can do comparison between different versions and can export in to the file (Example : XML)


We can implement the same process for other Objects like DSO, Info Cube.

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  1. Former Member


    Nice blog….

    By Default for IOBJ,CUBE,MPRO settings are there , if at all if you need TLOGO vesions entry for ex DSO then we need to create a new entry….right.

    so based on our need we can create entry for that particular object for which we want the versions history.    



      1. Former Member

        I don’t think so, can you please clarify on this… bcoz in our system i can see the entries for IOBJ, CUBE and MPRO.No one has created the entries ..bcoz its brand new system.

        1. Former Member Post author

          Prashanth,  without config TLOGO object it would not enable for VM for history, Pls observe the second screen shot( Their is no IOBJ was created ), once after config only it would enable for the same(Ref:Pic3) and I don’t have any visibility on your system and how it was Implemented hence I would not able to comment that,

  2. Kenneth Murray

    Great writeup.  Can you add comments/context about each option?  

    For Example: #1 takes a version when???

    Would be nice for SAP to add context to functionality they make available instead of terse comments/detail.

    1. BeforeExp.

    2. After Imp.

    3. Before Act

    What does the “*” entry do?  Is that the default for all objects and anything else is an override?

    Also, what would the procedure be to revert back to a previous InfoCube Definition/version?  Thanks again


  3. Former Member

    Hi Satya

    There are no entries in TLOGO for specific objects like DSO,Cube in my system.

    Two rows exist

    * and ELEM

    But i am able to see the version history in my system. how come?


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