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The Masters Golf Tournament & Running Better in Showcase Industries at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG event: One in the same?

The Masters Golf Tournament & Running Better in Showcase Industries at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG event:  One in the same?

April 19, 2012, by Michelle Schooff, Global Retail Industry Marketing Director

Coming off an exciting Masters Golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia on Sunday, and the epic Bubba Watson win, I was thinking about how golfing is similar to conducting business in our showcase industries i.e. Retail, Banking , Public Sector; Consumer Products; Healthcare,  Life Sciences, Telecommunications and High Tech.  Is it possible to compare the two?  I think so.  Sometimes 18 holes simply aren’t enough in golf.  Sometimes,  or should I say, “most times” an 8 hour workday in our world just isn’t enough.

As a first time attendee of SAPPHIRE NOW, I am excited and in awe of the momentum in each of SAP’s showcase industries. These industries have been identified by SAP as growth industries, meriting significant investment in resources and R&D to address industry-specific business opportunities. SAP is bringing the expertise and best practices developed working with customers in the manufacturing and asset intensive industries over 40 years to deliver tailored solutions available today for the showcase industries even as we continue to raise the bar for solutions delivered to the manufacturing and asset intensive industries.  Seeing examples of how SAP enables customers to “Run Better” across these showcase industries and lines of business is inspiring.

In the Showcase Industries campus area at SAPPHIRE NOW, you don’t want to miss hearing from companies like Pfizer, REI, Lenovo, Johnson & Johnson, and Microsoft.  Each of these organizations is “Running Better” as a result of their partnership with SAP.  You will hear about their use of the latest SAP innovations around Big Data, HANA, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing.  I would urge you to gather in the Showcase Industries area to meet with industry and product experts while networking with your peers.

Golf is a game that lends itself to life lessons:  leadership, perseverance, excellence, skill and determination.  Being a successful organization is dependent on the same attributes to support growth, strategy and achievement.

Lesson 1: Getting off to a Good Start

In golf, getting off to a good start (a good drive in the fairway) is important, so that you can stay out of the weeds and ultimately win; delivering value to your sponsors. 

In business, getting off to a good start is also important, especially when considering new solutions and technology innovations to keep your business out of the rough and ultimately deliver value to your stakeholders.  Stop by Showcase Industries to see industry-leading solutions like HANA, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing to help your organization get off to a good start and ultimately, run better. 

Lesson 2:  Group Play

In golf, even though you play in a group; in the end, it’s your individual effort, the tools available to you and the guidance of experts that determines how far you go.

In business, SAP has the tools and experts to help you succeed.   I am inspired by the expertise and passion of our staff within each of our Showcase Industries.    The examples of how SAP is demonstrating innovation and industry leadership through our customer success stories is quite impressive.  These are the stories you will hear about in the Showcase Industries area.   

It is rewarding to be able to address our customer’s business pains to help them be more efficient and use innovations to their advantage. 

Lesson 3: Dedicated Practice

In golf, dedicated practice (at the range, with proper instruction) improves the quality of your game.  In business, dedicated practice improves the quality of your results. 

Visiting the Showcase Industries area at Sapphire, you will see industry experts and customers demonstrate best practices, processes and benchmarking through the use of SAP solutions, services and partners.   You can see how your peer organizations are building an operational foundation to reduce costs and support profitable growth in their organizations.

Lesson 4:  Goal Attainment

In golf, the goal is clear – get the ball in the hole; in business, it may not be so obvious.  In business, we have to invest a good amount of time in developing our vision and defining, and then revisiting, our goals. 

SAP keeps your goals in sight and continues to provide innovative technologies that are tailored for each of our showcase industries.  These tools and capabilities help you move more effectively toward achieving your objectives.  Stop by the Showcase Industries area to hear from your peers as to how they are leveraging SAP to innovate and drive growth.

Lesson 5:  Finishing Strong

In golf, finishing strong and closing out your day, gives you a good feeling going into the next day.  Each new day is an opportunity to move forward, toward your goals.

In business, SAP’s industry- specific and innovative solutions will allow you to finish strong and capitalize on market opportunities.   Close out your experience with the opportunity to demonstrate immediate value to your business when you return back from SAPPHIRE NOW. 

Personalize your event experience with the Agenda Builder and identify key Run Better campus sessions that address your business challenges.

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando!  

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