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Step by step how to Install Diagnostics Agent and connect the agent to adaptive computing

In order to work with system monitoring in Solution Manager you must install diagnostic agent, and host agent.

  1. Host Agent: the host agent work with outside discovery to collect OS data information

      and managed system by the Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC) 

      For Solman 7.1 the SAP Host Agent must be at level 7.20 SP83. Check note 1365123 in the following section:

      IMPORTANT: In any case, please pay attention at least to 6 essential rules,

      Which are described in the attached slides

      Solution Manager 7.1 requires having at least a SAP Host Agent 7.20 SP83

   2. Diagnostics Agent: the Diagnostics Agent must be configured in Solution Manager for Root Cause Analysis function,

      It allows to perform a connection between SAP Solution Manager as the managing system

       and the managed system(s)

      and then to gather information from the managed systems and reports them to the Solution Manager system.

      You can also install it as a standalone engine,

      for example if you want a non-SAP system to be managed by SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics

     To configure the agent in Solution Manager navigate to manage system configuration – configure system – step 3 (assign diagnostics agents)


Install Diagnostics Agent

     Please read this note before installing the Diagnostics Agent, and make sure to use the latest available installer and corresponding setup guide: Note 1833501 – Diagnostics Agent – Installer Versions

  • Run sapinst from the installation directory



  • The host name will show automatic



  • SAP recommended that you choose Local Domain (local installation) for the diagnostics agent users


  • Insert password



  • Insert password



  • Instance number
  • Additional Information

     The Instance Number is a technical identifier for controlling internal processes such

     as assigned memory. This number must be unique for this installation host.

      The listed instances exist on this host


  • Register the system to your existing SLD


  • Please insert the required information: HTTP host, HTTP port, user, password


  • Connection of the Diagnostics Agent to Diagnostics in SAP Solution Manager



  • Please insert the required information: HOST, HTTP, PORT, user, password



Upgrade Host Agent to Sp 95 (for solution manager 7.1)


  • Download the upgrade file for host agent and use the command “saphostexec.exe –upgrade”

     Solution Manager 7.1 requires having at least a SAP Host Agent 7.20 SP83

     As of version 7.3 the DAA agent installs SAP Host Agent automatically

SAP Sources:

Downloading and Installing Package SAPHOSTAGENT


Connect DAA agent to Adaptive computing


  • Mark the manage system configuration, insert SID, system number, registration user, password, and profile path.
  • Test the registration

     The Adaptive Computing Controller provides a single point of control that allows your

     SAP software system administrator to visualize, monitor, and manage

     data center tasks for deployed SAP solutions.

  • Go to Diagnostic agent from Adaptive Computing


     When you click the diagnostic agent SAP MC a new browser window will open

      with the information of the DAA agent, and the operation system

SAP Sources:

Note 1365123 – Installation of Diagnostics Agents

Outside Discovery User Guide

Note 1833501 – Diagnostics Agent – Installer Versions

Kind regards

Naor Shalom

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