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Queries/Workbooks a user can access

You have come across a situation where in many queries are wrongly assigned to roles and you are required to make the roles in an orderly fashion.

Given the scenario you just went into the roles and deleted unwanted queries from the roles.

Now you want cross verify if the users have superior or deficient access to the queries in short you want to know which all queries a particular user have access to??

How are you going to check this?? Well, its excellent if the idea has hit upon; otherwise you find this blog worth a flip through.

Go to User Maintenance – SU01 and get the list of roles assigned to the user.


As a next step restrict contents of the table AGR_HIER (through SE11/SE16) with the roles we have copied and with extended name SAP_BW_QUERIES as shown below.


This will list all the queries assigned to a user or in other way a user can access,


You can similarly get the workbooks, webtemplates, and query views by giving the extended name as RRMX, SAP_BW_BTMP, and SAP_BW_VIEW respectively.

By seeing the table contents many of you might be guessing about the unique ID as the extended ID of a query shown under the transport request.

Well, if that’s the case, you are wrong. To relate the extended ID and unique ID of a query you would need another table RSRREPDIR – Directory of all reports.

Below drawing for a Query Artist P &L – SW test (Query) makes it clear how the unique ID and extended ID are related.


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