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Creating a Universe using InfoCube in 4.0

We know that in BI 4.0, we cannot create a Universe using BeX with Information Design Tool(IDT) ,as we were doing it in legacy designer tool.

But Using a cube we can build the universe using IDT. Below are the steps for the same.

Universe creation using InfoCube in IDT

  1. Insert a relational Connection


2.  Select SAP Java connector Driver from the available list

3.  Fill in the credentials


  4. On Clicking the ellipses highlighted, the below info provider screen appears.


5. Under filter dropdown, check CUBE and Click on OK and Click Finish to complete the Wizard to create a connection.



6. With the Connection created, create a data foundation with type as multisource-Enabled  and just select single connection created above and build the data foundation layer.

7. Finally build the Business layer and publish it to repository.

8. Use this universe (unx) created for reporting.

Universe can be created between Cube and SQL (no BEX) and create an .UNX in IDT.  Few advantages are

  • Direct link to infoprovider level
  • Allows to combine multiple source in a single connection.
  • Allows you to customize the objects.


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