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I decided to write a little program that catches the SAPCAR output and analyses it.

You can use it as a SAPCAR GUI. I am not a programmer, and I wrote this in very

old environment, just to make sure it will work on most WIN OS-es.






Disclaimer: This is NOT official SAP software and it is NOT bug free.

This is freeware. Use it on your own risk.



– NO installation needed

– You have to download your own SAPCAR.exe and put it in the same folder as scgui.exe



– Displays the archive contents

– Extracts chosen or all files in the archive file folder

– Extracts chosen or all files into specific folder or asks every time (from version 1.1)

– Can register .CAR and .SAR extension to open with double click

– Can open a single CAR/SAR file

– It is easy to upgrade – just put the new SAPCAR.exe in the folder



Known problems:

– if you move the scgui.exe file in other folder you have to register the SAR/CAR extensions again

– if SAR/CAR extensions are registered to other windows program, it is possble that

the “Register..” button will not work. You have to unregister them first (right click / Properties)

– You need administrator rights for “Register..” button (or “Run As administrator” in Windows 7).

– does not display hierarchical structure, just a list of all files and folders



– tested on WinXP 32bit

– tested on Win7 64bit (with both 32 and 64 bit SAPCAR.exe)

– tested on Win10 64bit

– should work on every Win OS as long as your SAPCAR.exe 32/64 works



Download SCGUI 1.1


Old versions:

Download SCGUI 1.0



Feel free to leave comments here. There will be future versions posted here.



Also check how to extract without GUI easily:




Sorry – no new version yet 🙂

I spoke with SAP Copyright support few months ago. It seems I do not break the rules.

I am allowed to make this program!





Version 1.1 released


New features:

– has a file with settings – options.opt (if it does not exist – it creates one)

– 3 choices for exteraction folder in Options/Settings – Always ask, same folder as SAR/CAR file, specific folder

– remembers your choice in the options file

– menu

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  • Congrats Ilian, this is a simple but very useful solution! it works.

    I hope that, someone gonna write something like this on other OS platform too.. 🙂

  • Hi Ilian

    I think your GUI is easy to use and awesome!

    But in my case I am bumping in an issue, maybe user error!

    I am just triyng to uncar this file: K-747AHINBICONT.SAR and when I tried to open it,

    using the scgui.exe, it generates a folder and a subfolder with a file in it,  with an extension *.PAT,

    I am not sure how to proceed from here.

    Please any help is highly appreciated!!!

    Thank You!

    • Hi Martino,

      I accidentaly decided to log in today and saw your post. Thanks for your feedback.

      the .PAT is a SAP extension for files concerning upgrading your SAP system. They are uploaded either in SPAM, SAINT or other transaction, I am not sure exactly what is K-747AHINBICONT.SAR, perhaps a BI component. Usually you don’t have to extract theese files, after using SPAM/SAINT the SAP system extracts them itself.

      You can also put the PAT file in /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in  – this is the folder where you store the files you want to install.

      There is plenty of information on the web.


      P.S. I haven’t done anything for my SAPCAR GUI for almost a year, but after my new PC arrives, I will continue to work.

      • Ilian, so you are working to improve this little tool. Nice!

        How is the progress?

        Just my 2c:

        You could leave the necessity to put a sapcar in the same folder behind, if you implement functionality to check weather sapcar can be called (eg. it’s somewhere and can be found using the PATH environment)

        The other thing would be to compile a platform independent GUI. But that’s second, because many users wouldn’t even think of demanding such a tool on *nix…

        Best regards


        • Hi Christian,

          I have two problems – I am a really bad developer, and second – I develop this in Delphi 6.0, which is really old. Your idea to search for sapcar.exe is good, it is also possible to search all the hard drives for it.

          I also do not know how to make it platform independant. It has to be a .jar, java applications maybe. Our SAP systems work on Linux RHEL, and I don’t feel any need of GUI under Linux. I just thought that sometimes it is good to list all the files and extract the ones you need.

          The other problem is when you download a ton of SARs, and you want to extract them all. It is easy with .BAT (NT), and .SH (NIX) files, but most people don’t know how to write them. Perhaps I should publish some examples to help others.

          Anyway, thanks for your comment. I am sure one day someone better than me will write much better GUI, or even SAP themselves.

          Best regards


          • Good Morning!

            Oh, maybe I did put it the wrong way:

            I didn’t ask for a search, but a call to SAPCAR to check if it’s there somewhere, instead of checking if it’s in the working directory of scgui. It could reside for example in C:\WINDOWS which lies in the path…

            If it can be called (even if outside the ‘pwd’) ok, use it.

            If not prompt user to have it copied to the $PATH or the working dir of scgui.

            I am sorry if I should have caused any confusion.