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Manpower Planning – BPC Data Model

The BPC data model feeds from the SAP HR application which is uploaded through BI. The following diagram represents the integrated data model with the integration of the transactional system and BI.  This data model also includes the BS derivation as it will be an integrated solution into the application in this project phase. For the manpower planning process, the focus will be from the steps 1 to 4 of the diagram:


                       Figure: Manpower Planning –  Integrated Data Model

  1. Data transfer from transactional systems to BW (transactional data and master data) as repository of data for BPC
  2. Upload of data to BPC in order to perform budgeting processes
  3. Configuration of the Manpower budgeting process for all companies
  4. Manpower budget is “sent” to the companies in order to build their budget
  5. P&L and CAPEX Budget is entered into BPC by the AB Group of companies:
    • Other Expenses are entered into BPC manually by all companies using a common template
    • Rest of P&L for all companies uploaded into BPC using current structures
    • CAPEX is uploaded via flat file to BPC following structures defined in step 5
  6. Once P&L budget is in BPC for all companies, it is sent to the balance sheet to configure B/S budget:
    • Using common rules for all companies to derive B/S from P&L
    • Entering manual data for all lines that are not calculated from P&L/CAPEX (or uploaded via flat file)
  7. P&L and Balance Sheet budget for all companies is uploaded into the consolidation applications
  8. Budget Consolidation process is performed (as per current process)
  9. Budgeting Reporting is performed:
    • Consolidation reporting: Consolidated budget for B/S, P&L, CF,… (as per current)
    • Operational budget reporting for P&L and B/S and Manpower in BPC

  Operational budget reporting for companies not in BPC in their legacy systems

For the manpower planning application the following dimensions will be required :


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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for Sharing. Can i know more about the ‘Employee’ dimension?

    1. Is that a combination for Employee ID+Group?
    2. Is that a delimited data? Employee can be promoted or moved, so you can have Same ID but a different group. Will this be a new member ID in ‘Employee’ ?
    3. Did the volume of ‘Employee’ dimension cause any performance issue?

    Thank you


    1. Former Member Post author


      1. Yes, it is combination of all possible..

      The employee’s information is the basis of all the calculations for manpower planning; therefore it is required to upload the employee’s information. This information will be extracted from SAP HR and will be elaborated in BW in order to update the employee information as master data and transactional data:

      • Employee Master Data – This information will be stored in the dimension EMPLOYEE in BPC, however due to the confidentiality of the information, only the following information will be stored as Employee master Data, EMPID,BANDS( Group),GENDER, COSTCENTER  etc.
      • Employee transactional data – This data is the data required in order to make all the calculations in BPC NW. This information will be associated to the employee only by the ID. The required transactional data is the following, STIPEND,ALLOWANCES, BENEFITS etc.

      2. This should be defined based on Assumptions( Band Change) and ID remains the same.. These assumptions will be entered at the group level and will be distributed to All Group entities and cost centres at the same time that the average calculations should be performed

      3. There was absolutely  no performance issue’s  with Employee Dimension ( during my project implementation & support), and I assume it depends on individual project scenario’s.

      Thanks & Regards

      CSM Reddy

      1. Former Member

        Hi Mallikarjuna Reddy,

        Thanks for your post, we have similar requirement in our project, can you send if you have any sample template for transactional data uploading for manpower costing ..

        It is very helpful for us.



        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Satish,

          Thanks for your message. Unfortunately I could not share this, as the documents are client confidential  . Please do contact SAP for ( sample templates) in regarding this.

          All the best for your project.

          Thanks & Regards

          Chemicala SM Reddy

          1. Former Member

            Hi Chemicala ,

            We are planning for manpower planning for one of our  telecom client which is having a company at single location.

            The parameters are as below :

            1)Exchange wise revenue collection

            2)Customer base (Employee to customer ration)

            3)Technologies in each exchange ( Technologies like fixed line/mobile /ISP /other)

            4)distance and time covered to reach customer for support

            Existing grade wise manpower should be captured from ECC.

            Performance rating of each existing employee must be also captured.

            BPC should project the number of manpower required in each grade in each exchange.

            Can you guide me to how to proceed for BPC modelling for such scenario?

            Also would like to know how can we perform training planning for existing / new employee in BPC?

            Currently they are doing using some questionnaire based on which they do the grading between 1 to 10 and depending upon that they decide the type of training to be made available for the employee?

            BPC should capture the trainings provided to the employees till now, and also depending on his/her performance, what training he should be appraised . Either he should go repeatation of the training or some next level of training must be given?

            thanks and regards

            1. Former Member Post author


              I am afraid,I could not provide the free guidance for your project (  I assume this will take at least 40-60 Man days) ,as the objective of this article to provide the foundation to built the HR Planning.

              Just hire a good SAP BPC consultant ( Planning ), who will come up with the whole HR planning design for your project.

              All the best.

              Chemicala SM Reddy

              1. Former Member

                Dear Chemicala,

                I know its hard to give entire modelling for BPC here.

                But if you could have explained a broader idea on the the above scenario , then it would have been very useful to us.



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