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Issue in SRM after support pack upgrade


I have an issue in SRM 5.0  sytem after support pack19 upgrade, While changing the status of Contract item, Populating one warning message.

“Vendor-Specific Units of Measure in Extended Classic Scenario “, I treid to find BADi’s for this but did not get any BADi, Could you guys plz do the needful! to resolve this issue.



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  • Hello,

    This is a warning message, so it does not stop the process.

    You can read the details text of the message.

    You are using the extended classic scenario for this material. This
    sends a copy of the purchase order to an R/3 system. You should note the
    following in regard of vendor-specific units of measure.

    1. Purchase order price information is updated in the R/3 info record.
    Where vendor-specific units of measure exist, this statistic information
    is no longer useful.

    2. An update of document data to the LIS occurs in the R/3 system. This
    update, like the one above, no longer holds weight, since the normal
    units of measure can no longer be separated from the vendor-specific
    units of measure. The R/3 system would behave in the same way without
    SRM, but a warning is output here.

    3. It is recommended that you maintain the data in the stock keeping units so
    that the correct calculation can also occur with vendor-specific units
    of measure.

    • hi,

      Thank you for update, This info we can get it on screen itself. but i need to find why this warning message is populating, it was not occuring before support pack upgrade.

      Thank you