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Hi ,

I have listed below the set of issues we faced during the SAP Solman- ChaRM 7.1 SP03/SP04 implementation.


Q1- Current IBase component is not in active IBase 



Every thing is fine in ChaRM configuration and Maintanance cycle, still we getting same issue.

After fill the details in as shown below screen in Request for Change CRM Ui screen


Save it.


Then define Change Request scope, Click Edit button and Select inset button

Select planned change in change Category drop down , fill ibase and Save it.



Q2 – Error RFC destination SM_XXXCLNT100_TMW: Screen output without conencion to user

  Issue is due to Netwear password policy during domain link creation.

After TR of copies testing, original TR is not released showing below error,

Check the Application log.


  Show Error RFC destination SM_XXXCLNT100_TMW:Screen output withiut conencion to user during Release TR.


Temporary solution:


      Goto to client 000 of Dev system, unlock TMSADM user

Permanent solution:

Point 3 A and 3 B

1568362 – TMSADM password change manually.


Q3-  Approval Workflow Role Restriction 

Facing some difficulties, in ZMCR( Request for Change) for Workflow Approval role Restriction

Status: To be Approved

I have created two level of customizied Approval using custom Approval

procedure Z01 & Z02

  1. 1. Lead 1 – once he appoved, Software Quality Manager approval activity will be enabled.
  1. 2. Lead 2 – once approved, status changed to Approved.

So once the two levels approve done, Status changes to Approved.

Normally the authorisation object B_USERSTAT where you can control the through authorization key ( like SMCR_01,SMCR_02) in ChaRM.

But for the Approval workflow not able to restrict through B_USERSTAT.because of same status.

This is newly introduce in solman 7.1.



All partners who are authorized through auth obj: crm_apprvl are part of approvallistand applications do not impose any restrictions on them as to who can and whocannot approve/reject the individual steps.

Application was designed to just notify the partner assigned to individual steps through worklist item based on step’s execution status but not to restrict its approve/reject to only its partner assigned.

SAP reply: Authorization for workflow approval role restriction  is not available in the standard Solman 7.1  upto SP05.


Q4 – CRM_UI is open and the user finished the session with the log off button.

        The page from the SAP Support Portal (Service Marketplace) is shown:

Solution: Refer the notes 1644898 – Solution Manager: How to change page when log off from CRM_UI?


Q5- Error “No maintenance cycle is opened for the current system”


Assign the Role SAP_CM_ADMINISTRATOR_COMP to all developer or equivalent role.

Please Check the Dolores blogs for the same

QAS17. Error: “No maintenance cycle is opened for the current system”


Q6 – ChaRM change request action disable, after support pack upgrade in SP03

Solution: Please see the note 1638665


Q7 – Logon to satellite system via Landscape assignment block does not work. Generally any GUI call via application launcher does not work


Issue occurs because Browser needs to be set to “local intranet”.

Therefore put the CRM Web UI address to the websites that use the zone “local intranet”.

Internet Explorer ->Tools -> Internet Options -> Tab “Security” choose “Local Intranet” and press the button “Sites” -> press “Advanced” button Add the address of the CRM Web UI and close.


Q8 -Approval workflow Mail not triggering – not required to define action and condition for Approval procedure Mail trigger in solman 7.1

Solution: Workflow’s runtime environment is not configured. Use ‘SWU3’ transaction to fix it.

                  run ‘perform automatic workflow customizing (F9)’ in SWU3.


Q9 – Dump error -ITAB_ILLEGAL_SORT_ORDER , while accessing the ChaRM in CRM_UI

Solution : Note 1674291 – ChaRM: dump while opening service desk transaction


Q10 – TMSADM user lock after BW landscape added in the Landscape

·      Applied the notes 1414256, 1515926 in the systems.

Execute the report TMS_UPDATE_PWD_OF_TMSADM in all transport domain and transport link systems.


Q11 –Reporting in ChaRM




Q12 – Restricting users from creating TR’s directly in Development System


  1. 1. Call transaction /TMWFLOW/CMSCONF.
  2. 2. Check the entries in the Proj. Assignment column.
  3. 3. If you need to change an entry for a system, double-click the entry to make it optional or mandatory


Q13 – Steps to be followed for System Refresh while using ChaRM in solman.

Type: 1

After refrsh using the same clinet, the just just regenerate the RFC after refresh.

  • Go to SMSY and select flag “Temporarily Inactive System” for the system that is going to be refreshed
  • Make the system refresh
  • Removed the old ALOG files after the system copy, leave this directory empty
  • Press button “Delete Buffered Transport Data” in SMSY for the refreshed system  to remove the obsolete Transport data         
  • Then, re-import manually all transports in to the refreshed system which, at this time, are not in the production  System                             
  • Remove in SMSY the flag “Temporarily Inactive System” for the refreshed system
  • Run report /TMWFLOW/REP_DATA_READ according to note 1546452
  • delete old rfc and Check & regenerate the RFC’s in SMSY for the refreshed system


If client changed after refresh the system, then please follow the below steps,

1. Move all the TR’s upto PRD and close the maintenance cycle which are using the system

2. Do the refresh

3. create the logical component and add the new Dev client and the remaining system client

4. create the project and activate the task list


Q14 – Approval Procedure activities missing in Approval block for SMCR (Rfc)

Note 1575201 – Request for Change: Approval Procedure activities missing.

Please check in ‘Solution Manager Implementation Guide->SAP Solution Manager->Capabilities (Optional)->Change Management->Standard Configuration->Transaction Types->Status Administration->Define Status Profile for User Status’    -> status profile entry    IT000003 RFC Approval


Q15 – How to change the page when log off from CRM_UI

1644898 – Solution Manager: How to change page when log off from CRM_UI?


Q16 – Workaround when SolMan system is temporarily unavailable

Note 1528657 – Workaround when SolMan system is temporarily unavailable


Q17 –  Validation status not shown in the Request for change(SMCR) CRM UI screen in SP03

Note 1638665 – Translation error in a PPF action of the Request for Change


Q18 – How to change the maintanance project phase after set to completed.



Q19 – How to generate the BP and delete the BP in the systems

BP_GEN – generation of BP


BUPA_DEL – BP delete


Q20 – Cutomizing transcation type is not listing in request change scope.

Maintain the copy control details in below path .

SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide > SAP Solution Manager > Capabilities (Optional) > Change control management > Standard confic > Chnage request Management Framework > Make settings for Change Transaction type

maintain the Cutomizing transcation type details .

Thanks for your time.

Please share your ChaRM issues and solution in this forum. So i will add it.



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  1. Former Member

    Hello, re: Q6 the referenced note is for incorrect translations; it does not mention the Actions button being disabled. I found some notes on the latter topic but they all seem to reference support packages lower than our current one (SP07). Do you know why the Actions button is disabled?



  2. Former Member

    Dear Gurus,

    please help me out to solve the issue. when I create Request for change(SMCR) after changing th e status to release for approval next status has to be approved.And it will be selected from the dropdown list in approval tab.But my dropdown list is empty.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Sajin,

      Above is the SAP bug , issue is due to standard profile IT000003 is missing in the system, please follow the below note procedure or copy the IT000003 profile from other solman system.

      Note 1575201 – Request for Change: Approval Procedure activities missing.



      1. Former Member

        Dear Karthik,

        Thanks for your replay. Could you please tell me where Can I find the profile. The above note is already implemented in my solman7.1



        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Sajin,

          Please check in ‘Solution Manager Implementation Guide->SAP Solution Manager->Capabilities (Optional)->Change Management->Standard Configuration->Transaction Types->Status Administration->Define Status Profile for User Status’     -> status profile entry    IT000003 RFC Approval



  3. Former Member

    Hi Karthik,

    A very useful document.

    My query is for the question “Q13 – Steps to be followed for System Refresh while using ChaRM in solman.

    Solman 7.1 doesnt give edit access in transaction smsy. Can you let us know how to enable the “Temporary Inactiv. System” in Header Tab for that particular system?

    Thanks in Advance,


  4. Praveen Nenawa


    I wish to add two custom fields under “Change request scope”  AB of ChaRM.

    I got to know that the lines items under this AB comes from table TSOCM_CR_CONTEXT,

    and the structure is TSOCM_S_CR_CONTEXT_DISPLAY.

    The component/View is AIC_CM_SCOPE_D/AICCMScope.

    I have three Context nodes there with base entities BTRefObj,BTAdminH,BTAICScopeH.

    BTAICScopeH is displayed as table.

    I am trying to add fields to the mentioned table/structure so that it automatically appears in workbench and

    on screen.

    When I am running AET on WebUI I am getting following BO’s :















    I tried with each one but none is serving the purpose.

    Can anyone please help which BO should I choose ?

    Is there anything in CRM to know BO corresponding to a table

    OR Tables corresponding to a BO ?



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