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Blair Wheadon, SAP, shared his BI4 FP3 slides here

Below is the Question & Answer from this ASUG 3/28 webcast with the slides, with input from Blair – note some of this covers planned functionality so it is subject to change.

Q:  Is HANA connectivity for Crystal Reports limited to the new “Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.x” format – or is it also available to the Crystal Reports 2011 format…?

A: Crystal Reports 2011 can connect to SAP Hana today via an ODBC Connection.

Yes Crystal for Enterprise can connect to Hana

Q: Any plans of supporting Dashboards on mobile (iPad etc) with FP3 or any other version in the future?

A: Yes, will release a roadmap – prior to end of 2012 will have a release of Dashboards that will export HTML5 of certain components; build HTML5 exporter – this is beyond FP3 and subject to change

Q: Can we jump or invoke action in ECC from Dashboard /Crystal/Webi etc.

A: Yes; see slides

Q: Hello. What is the GA release date for Feature Pack 3?

A: SAP will not announce a release date until they meet their KPI’s for ramp-up.

Q: Is there a difference (in terms of functionality) between the ramp-up version and the GA version?

A: When solution is GA do not have a different version of software; product in ramp-up is fully supported and customers will go live

Q: Are there plans to release examples of use cases for BI 4 products on top of Hadoop? For example, where should customers consider leveraging Crystal Reports, WebIntelligence, etc…on top of data coming from Hadoop?

A: There are a number of use cases

Q: In 3.1, the cross-tab formatting would be applied… export to .CSV from webi, we cannot do this in 4.0.

Will be this fixed in Feature Pack?

A: CSV is a data only export format.  However Both Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence offer export options that allow you to choose between prioritizing document formatting and ease of data processing in Excel.  Prioritizing document formatting retains as much of the original format as possible, but makes it harder to work with the data in Excel.  Prioritizing ease of data processing makes it easier for the data to be manipulated in Excel.  In addition, Web Intelligence in BI4 added support for the XLSX file format.

Q: Where does ‘Feature Pack’ fall into this new terminology chart?

A: Support package with a lot of enhancement package

Q: Is Left Outer Join supported in IDT Data Foundation?

A: Yes

Q: Is dashboard a part of BI Workspaces in FP3?

A: No; BI Workspaces & Dashboards are separate but related

Q: Can we migrate a 4.0 repository from thrid part db to HANA or is a complete re-install needed?

A: Because BI 4.0 does not support HANA as a CMS database, you cannot simply copy the existing BI4 repository to HANA from the current system.  This means you need to upgrade your existing system to BI4 FP3, then do the repository copy.  The good news is a complete reinstall is not needed – you can upgrade your existing system with an incremental installation.  This will add support for the HANA database and allow you to do the repository copy.

Q: how many dashboard controls are becoming HTML 5 compliant ?

A: Long term vision is all will; there are 37 components under consideration for the first phase.

Q: Will BI4.0 export more than 65,000 rows of data when saving as Excel?

A: Yes it will – Excel 2007 .XLSX export is supported today with BI 4.0.

Q: CR 2011 ODBC convert to CR for Enterprise

A: You can migrate- see ASUG Annual Conference for a session on this by Brian Durning, Dell.

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