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Impact of transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT to planning data (IP)

Hi BI-Experts!

View days ago I had a strange situation where key figures that were listed in my real-time cube for planning were not shown in a query result table. The definition of cube and query was definitely fine and I was quite desperately searching the mistake.

At last I struggled successfully and because I hardly could find information about the reason for the problem I thought it might be helpful for others to explain in a blog some details of the problem and its solution. To say it in advance: It’s about the setting for time characteristics like 0CALYEAR, 0CALMONTH, 0FISCYEAR, 0FISCPER, … that you can change in customizing of BI, transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT.

In detail:

I have planned number of employees for calendar year 2014 (“Source Year”) and I liked to copy it to 2015 (“Target Year”) by using a planning function within a BEx query respectively WAD template. The message of planning function told me that everything went fine but the result table in the target year remained empty.

Result of copy.png

First, I checked the content of the cube and saw that there the new data was listed (direct employees are 0EMPLSGROUP 07):


In the F4 value help for 0CALYEAR only years until 2014 were listed and there were no transaction data for 2015 in the whole BW system at all, so no SID were existing for 0CALYEAR 2015. Finally I found transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT (Customizing: “Set F4 Help and Hierarchies for Time Characteristics/OLAP Settings”): 

Customizing path.png

The time frame was ending on 2013-12-31 so I extended it to 2020-12-31:


Now the right figures were shown in the query. Moreover, the target year now shows all the calendar months not only those with figures (compare first picture):

Correct output.png

Best Regards,

Volker Schottdorf

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