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During my daily social media research, I managed to run into content from two exceptionally great experts: Sarah Goodall ( and Sherry Turkle ( Though I naively started to think, that I am doing fairly well regarding the new online trends, they proved me that we can only scratch the surface of the real meaning and effects of the trends that are taking control over our everydays… 

/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/direction_93762.jpgI am nowhere near to be called an expert. If “expert” is relative (and as we all know, it must be 😉 ), then there might be some of them, but it is certainly not healthy to rely on someone claiming himself “The knower of the stuff”, because we see only the very beginning of a new age and it´s directions are yet “under construction”.

Be original!
Live with the opportunity that nothing is defined, because you can be the one finding the right way. Bravery and creativity is the key, it is something I learned from the above mentioned ladies. You don´t have to spend half your life with online posting! I tell you, noone will care, and you will screw it up. However, you are just as full of thoughts as me, grab them, press it out of yourself, enjoy it! You can never know, what inspires others, what reaches someone and even changes his life, like the video from Sherry, in which she explains some quite possible and not necessarily welcomed tendencies.

A little different topic in the video, I suggest to watch it and expand the stuff I have written here…

Nothing is written into stone, if you do social media forced by management, always desperately trying to provide a small piece of “you-assume-it´s-value-for-them”, you will miss the point: being human.

Today´s customers are not only more educated and self-aware than ever before, they can understand the hidden tricks behind your actions. When you focus on showing the flawless face of a company, this is what you actually are: “Aha. Nice. Like. Next please! What was the previous? Pf, who cares.”.

Just Do it! You are professional enough to not spill out company secrets, otherwise you would have already done it. You are a personality AND expert of your area, there is no need to hide any of these. Believe me, if you don´t stress about it, you will be ready with a blog in no seconds and it´s going to be simply good to read. Just remember: it´s you and it´s for you, enjoy it!


Thanks to Sarah and Sherry for the inspiration! 🙂

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