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I have been noticing lot of queries on SNC upgrade from 5.x versions to 7.x. And on what s/w components to be used in the upgraded version. And what impact it will have on SAP PI.

Well I too faced the same situation during upgrade of SNC system from 5.0 to 7.0 🙂 .


  • Initially SAP SNC was known as ICH 5.0 systems.
Software Component Name SAP SCM BASIS 5.0
Namespace Name

Then SAP changed the name of the system from ICH 5.0 to SNC 5.1 became part of Supply chain management Suite.

Software Component Name SNC 5.1
Namespace Name

If you notice above, the standard s/w component and namespace in ICH 5.0 and SNC 5.1 is different.

In this case, direct upgrade from ICH 5.0 to SNC 7x will not be possible as the standard content  in both the versions are different and it will involve re development of all the mapping in SAP PI.

For the specific reason SAP released two new software components with SNC 7.0 version :

SCMBasis 5.0 and SNC 5.1 s/w components has many differences (in SNC5.1 there are lot of additional fields which has been introduced).

In SCMBasis 7.0 all the new fields which has been introduced in SNC 5.1 and 7.0 versions have been included.

Note: SNC 7.0 system is by default with SNC 7.0 s/w component. if you want to install SCMBasis 7.0 component in the system then it has to be done manually.

How to achieve upgrade from ICH 5.0 to SNC 7.0 version

Let us assume a situation where in ICH 5.0 system is integrated closely with PI and lot of complex mapping have been done using SCMBasis 5.0 s/w component.

Now the system is to be upgraded from ICH 5.0 to SNC 7.0 version and the need is to use default s/w component SNC 7.0 and not SCMBasis 7.0

Activities in PI – Migrate from SCMBasis 5.0 to SNC 7.0 s/w component

1.    New Software component SNC7.0 has to be imported.

2.    All Interface/Mapping has to be re developed from the scratch. –> Very complex and time consuming.

3.    Test the new interfaces – get approval and move them to prod during upgrade.

For this very purpose, SAP SNC has enhanced XML’s using which we can still use PI interfaces which has been developed using SCMBasis 5.0 component.

To make it more clearer, though after upgrade if Source SNC system uses new SNC7.0 component. PI can still use same old existing SCMBasis5.0 component and achieve end to end data flow. there is no need of updating or changing the s/w component from SCMBasis5.0 to SNC 7.0 in SAP PI system.

Let’s see how we can do this 🙂

For Inbound Interfaces (PI -> SNC):

For inbound XML messages from PI, SNC system will automatically determine which component to be used.

If PI sends data through then SNC uses SCMBasis component internally.

And if PI sends data through then SNC automatically uses SCM 7.0 component for processing of the XML messages in the system.

Basically to say system will determine the component at run time based on the namespace via which PI sends the data to SNC system.

There is no separate configuration needed  to achieve this in SNC system.

For Outbound Interfaces (SNC -> PI):

By default SNC system will use interface namespace to send out messages to PI system.

And since the messages use it will all fail in SAP PI (as all the XML interfaces are developed using namespace in PI).

In order to make SNC system to send out messages using component to PI below configuration steps has to be performed in SNC.

  1. Log in to SNC system.
  2. Go to Tcode: SPRO
  3. Click on SAP Reference IMG
  4. Navigate to Supply Network Collaboration->Basic Settings->Processing Inbound and Outbound Messages->SAP ICH 5.0 Compatibility Mode->Use SAP ICH 5.0 Proxies

In there give the entries of the XML interfaces by clicking on New Entries


Once done the messages from SNC system will use during runtime and it will be successful in SAP PI.

Note: This is a scenario where in customization have been done in SAP PI using  5.0 standard s/w component and there is no need of new fields/functionalities which has been introduced in the latest versions. if otherwise SCMBasis 7.0 has to be imported and used.

thoughts and suggestions are appreciated….

-Senthilprakash Selvaraj SAP PI Flextronics.

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    1. Former Member

      Thank you Senthilprakash for information. It’s very good information. We are planning to upgrade our system from SCM 5.0 to SCM 7.0. We have APO and ICH in same box. For upgrade ICH 5.0 to SCN 7.0. Can we run SCM and SNC on same box or do we need separate?

      If you can give more information upgrade will help us.

      thanks again 


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