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What is a Package?

This is a procedure for grouping together the related information objects in a structured way.

Types of Packages:



It groups all the information models and makes it easier to transport (import/export) the models which we have created in an efficient manner. Means we can “Package” our data models and easily import/export them to another HANA Studio instance.

Procedure for creating a package:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Now fill all the required details as shown below. We will create a package called “Test” as shown below:



Thus we can see a new package called “Test” is created as shown above. And we can also create our models in this package, using context menu as shown below:


What are delivery units?

It is for authentication purposes. If we need to authenticate the import/export process of these packages we need to use delivery units.

For example, to transport the design time objects that are stored in the SAP HANA database repository to other SAP HANA database installations.

To create a delivery unit, we can launch the wizard from “Quick Launch” as shown below:


Give the necessary information as shown below:


And then you can assign your package to this delivery unit for transporting your package.


Now click “Finish” to assign the package “Test” to the delivery unit “ABCD”.

Please read the following “Notes” mentioned by SAP


Packages that use a dot in their name form a logical hierarchy. For example, “a.b” is considered as a sub-package of “a” and “a.b.c” is considered a sub-package of “a.b”.

If you want to specify the entity with which a package and the directly contained objects are exported to server, select the delivery unit from the drop-down list.


The assignment of packages to delivery units is completely independent of the package hierarchy.


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  1. Former Member

    Hello Krishna,

    Nice Document. Please could you elaborate your statement –  “The assignment of packages to delivery units is completely independent of the package hierarchy.“??

    Does it mean, for instance we have a package hierarchy a.b.c, then if b is assigned to a delivery unit X, c is not automatically assigned to the delivery unit X??




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