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Hello Folks,

We all know that we have Multi-language support in SAP BW. Let us now discuss how do we achieve multi language support for the objects / information models which we create in SAP HANA Db.

With this simple procedure, we can enable multi language support for models along with elements like attributes and measures in different languages.

It enables translation of texts pertaining to these objects and provide them multi language support.


Select “Migrate” as shown below from the “Quick Launch” screen.


Now the following screen appears, we have to choose the required “Models” and select “Migrate” as shown below:


We also have an option to activate these objects after migration using the option given as ” Activate selected objects after Migration” and it activates all the migrated objects.


What happens is that “objects” texts along with corresponding elements are flagged for translation and these objects can be now viewed in multiple languages.

Hope you understood the benefits of using this “Wizard”. It is quite simple but it is very effective and easy to use.

Thanks for reading this Document 🙂   Please add your valuable suggestions to

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  1. Rama Shankar


    Good blog, more details would be good.

    If you have tried some examples with multi-lingual data. Please can you provide a sample data load and report with multiple languages.



      1. Neha Singla

        Hello Krishna,

        I migrate the package. Now what i need to do.. I am not able to undderstand that what i need to do next so that i will able to see the data in different language.

        Thank you!


  2. Former Member

    Hi Krishna,

    How do we enable multiple languages in BO reports based on calculation views created in HANA studio?

    Assume that we have multiple users across APAC and each set of users belonging to a specific country need to view the texts of MD – like customer/material/sales group etc in their native texts.

    I also need to understand one more thing – after migrating the data models viz. attribute/analytical/calculation views in the manner shown by you, do we still need to change the default language in ‘property tab’ to the native language key (like JA, DE, FR etc) to see the texts in native scripts or retain it as ‘dynamic’? How can this information be passed to the front end tool like BO-WebI?




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