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SAP BW 7.31 ABAP Support Packages

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Check out the listed SAP BWNews notes to see what is delivered with the accordingSupport  Package.



Release Notes for the SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Support Package Stacks

Check out the release notes for detailed information on SAP NW 7.31 SPS. (Logon to SAP Help Library is required)


SAP NetWeaver 7.31
Stack Number
25 planned
24 2653359 planned
23 2560327 released
22 2526364 released
21 2443574 released
20 2367669 released
19 2300807 released
18 2206236 released
17 2139356 released
16 2100893 released
15 2070453 released
14 2030844 released
13 1989585 released
12 1951409 released
11 1914639 released
10 1882717 released
09 1847231 released
08 1813987 released
07 1782744 released
06 1753103 released
05 1708177 released
04 1680998 released
03 1652580 released
02 1630954 released
01 1593298 released




For detailed information on all the Support Packages for the SAP BW 7.31 please see the release notes


  • The release dates for the  Support Package Stacks can be found in the Support Package Stack Schedule (SMP login required).
  • Please see the SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Support Package Stack page (SMP login required) This page is the central point of information for planning the implementation of Support Package Stacks (SP Stacks) for SAP NetWeaver 7.31.
  • For regular updates please subscribe to the notes above as follows: You need to display the note on the service marketplace page. Use the direct links above or use SAP notes search and enter the note number directly. To subscribe to this special note activate the “subscribe” button (left hand above the title line of the note page). Also make sure that your E-Mail notification is activated (for activation see note 487366).
  • Importing Support Packages: Please note that after implementing a Support Package, you are usually required to perform additional maintenance in transaction SNOTE. SAP Notes that are already installed may become inconsistent. This can lead to function errors or syntax errors. Go to transaction SNOTE and reimplement the SAP Notes that are no longer consistent. Your BW system is only operable and consistent after you have reimplemented these SAP Notes.
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