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Let’s find enhancements

Lets find some enhancements

Search enhancements for a specific transaction

Couple of weeks ago I came across a code snippet to find User Exits for a specific transaction, this looked like a very usefull tool so I searched if there might be some other versions available. After I searched around Google a while, i found multiple versions scattered on forums and wiki pages which show a list of User Exits ( or BADIs too ) but I was unable to find the original author.


Now my first projects were all heavily Z and tools like this can come in handy. I was thinking that it would be great to have more information available in this report, for example: is the User Exit implemented, is it activated and under which project is it implemented!

So I got started …

I looked at the original and started a fresh report following the same buildup and getting to know where the information is located. In the meanwhile I had some ‘fun’ debug sessions of standard SAP transactions to find out more information and I reused this logic or created new logic for the report.

At the moment it displays the following extra information:
– Enhancements and its components (User Exits) ( as found in SMOD ) with all the descriptions.
– For each User Exit we can see if it is implemented ( under which project ) and if it is activated


– BADIs and in which projects these BADIs have been implemented and their status of it. (SE18 SE19)
– Enhancement Spots (SE18) (I have not been able to find where they store/link the information of the implementations)



Possible future actions

– Decide on the further approach of the report, divide or keep everything in 1 output table
– Display option for ALV OM and List
– Enhancement spot implementations
– More specific select options: such as search by Development class

Other tools


SAP provides a report ‘SNIF’ which gives an overview of the active Customer Enhancements (caution: heavy load depending on what you select)



ABAP X-Ray Eye

Andrea Olivieri created the ‘son’ of SAP’s SNIF report, it uses the same architecture but extends the search to the following types of exit:
– Screen Exits
– Menu Exits
– Changed keywords

The ECC version extends the search to enhancement implementation:
– SOURCE CODE Enhancements
– FUNCTION Enhancements
– CLASS Enhancements
– BAdI Enhancements

His tool can be found on the google code project and can be implemented with SAPLink.

Pete Atkin’s version

Pete Atkin, who is a PM/CS consultant gave his shot at creating a report with same results.
It displays BADIs, BTE, User Exits, Submits, Workflow links, … . You can find the report here.


Information sources

WIKI: Ways to find a User Exit

Enhancement Finder source code

You can find a plain txt file or a slinkee on the project site at Code Exchange: Enhancement Finder.

Other tricks:

How to find User Exit for any T. Code.

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