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Hi All,

This blog will tell you how to customize the separator image just below Top Level navigation which might useful while theme customization.


The properties of Toplevel Navigation Separator can be found in theme editor as given below.

System Administrator -> Portal Display -> Theme Editor -> “Select your theme” -> Portal Outer Frame -> Top-Level Navigation

   -> Top-Level Navigation Separator

Unfortunately, there is no option to edit/change the separator image through the “Theme Editor” Because it wasn’t officially exposed there.

The reason that you don’t see a background-color property is beacuse the separator consists of an repeated image.

The css file that holds the mentioned class (for IE browser) is: “prtl_ie6.css” and it located under the path: …



.prtlTopNavContentSep {
  DISPLAY: inline;
  BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(images/topLvlNav/separator.gif);
  HEIGHT: 4px

If you still want to change the separator.gif, then
1. Backup this separator.gif
2. Try to make color change in the separator.gif as per your requirement.
3. Delete Browser Cache as well as navigation cache

4. Check whether color change is reflected or not.

Hope it would help you some of you.

Thanks & Regards,

Rajendra Kielka

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  1. Former Member


    My opinion is that this whole design theme is so user-unfriendly that we have to resolve to using such “low-level” CSS editing. I think it is one of the main reason why Enterprise Portal has not been adopted massively (I mean beyond ‘SAP Business Suite’-boundaries as it can apply to general cases) over the years…  😐

    Best regards,


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