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Generating Stack For EHP Upgrade

Generating Stack.xml for EHP Upgrade

Applies to: ECC 6.0 , SAP Netweaver 7.0, Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1


This document describes procedure for generating Stack file which is required in Enhancement Package Installation.

Author(s):           Mahesh Kumar Mukkawar

Created on:       16 April 2012

Author Bio

Untitled.pngMahesh Kumar is a Netweaver Consultant working with Greatship India Limited and lives in Mumbai, IN. He previously worked for Alkem Laboratories, a leading pharama company in india.Mahesh Kumar is a Post Graduate from Osmania University,IN. He has exposure to SAP BPC in his coursework and interested in enterprise systems.

1. Introduction

       You are upgrading ECC System using Enhancement Package Installer ( EHPI ) tool. While upgrading you need stack.xml which contains all support patches list and ehpi tool uses it as a reference of patch list. It contains list of all patches which are required during the installation.

2. Prerequisite

  • Maintenance Optimizer is configured in solution manager.
  • Configured Technical System in SMSY.
  • User ID is maintained in AISUSER
  • Authorizations described in SAP Note # 1032322

3. Generating Stack File

Patches required for upgrade can be downloaded from Solution Manager. To download patches use transaction DSWP and create  a New Maintenance Transaction.


Select your solution, product version and product system to which you want to upgrade


Once you select Click Continue


If you are generating stack for


Select the components which you want to include in your upgrade depending upon your usage type.


After selecting components you need to confirm major target, which will give you a synopsis of change of upgrade components.


Select the add-on required for installation.


Select kernel depending on your product version.


In next step you will have the option of excluding or including the patches/components. It is recommended that you do not un-check any components, which will lead to miss the dependent components. Download stack.xml file and this need to be uploaded into download directory of your upgrade.


All patches present in stack files are confirmed automatically and can be downloaded using SAP Download Manager.

3. References

Maintenance Optimizer | SAP Support Portal

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  • A couple of comments:

    – There is no mention of SMSY / LMDB configuration. But perhaps it was not the scope of the document anyway.

    – In the OS/DB part it is advisable to choose only one kernel, not both UC and non UC, 32 and 64 bit at once… it is advisable not to select everything as it is depicted in your screenshot.

    Best regards,

    Miguel Ariño

  • Hi Mahesh

    How does this work if an add-on is involved from a SAP partner and this add-on is not present in SAP market place and upgrade package for this add-on needs to be downloaded from the partners web site?



    • Hello,

      if Maintenance Optimizer does not recognize a software component as part of the PPMS (the SAP product database that it searches), then it will not include updates for it in the XML. The upgrade of the main product versions should not be affected.

      Best regards,

      Miguel Ariño

  • Dear Mahesh Kumar Mukkawar ,

    Is there any way that I can generate the “Stack.xml” file without Solution Manager ..??

    Because today I have seen the following web-site is closed by SAP permanently.

    Can you please help me , how to generate the ” Stack.xml” file without SolMan & without running (RPT_MOPZ_COPY_STACK_XML) report..?

    Thanks & Regards


      • Great Thanks for your prompt reply Steffi ,

        Actually following is the situation of this customer :

        1. No Solution Manager
        2. NO OSS connection. ( which can NOT be configured , Due to Permanent Objection of the compliance team. So EWA also can NOT be configured or generated.
        3. SAP can NOT login through the OSS connection to look into the issues & incidents.

        But customer wants to use SUMTool to upgrade the Support package ABAP+Java in SAP PI 7.31 server.

        Now while using the SUMTool I need to generate the Stack.xml which can be generated only from the Solution Manager server ( which is NOT present here).

        So I was thinking if I can generate from the website

        ( This website was closed permanently by SAP ).

        So please kindly help me how can I get the Stack.xml file to work with the SUMTool.

        I am in serious problematic situation. Please be kind enough to help me in this situation.

        Thanks & Regards