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DSO – Direct Update – Insert

Hi Guys,

I wrote ABAP programm to update DSO.

It looks like as follow:


            ls_wlb_dso-/bic/g_unit = lf_p_param_cu.
            ls_wlb_dso/bic/g_wlb_t = lf_text.

            MODIFY /bic/ag_div_o300 FROM ls_wlb_dso.

If I put into the lf_text field the string with capital letter like: ‘TEST’ everything works fine, but if I use normal letter: ‘test’ the data are not correctly store in the table.

Additionally I get in the query the following error message:


Do you have maybe any idea why?

Best Regards


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      • Hi Erwin,

        This is not a problem of new version. You have posted this question as document.

        It should be posted as a discussion to give points by marking as helpful answer or correct answer.

        Anyways you can like Andrea’s answer to assign 2 points.