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CodeJam, let the coding begin!

Very recently leadership at SAP has continued to express the desire to put our developers together with those of our partners and customers as we did in the beginning 40 years ago and get back to our roots of innovation! Taking a further step in that direction we’ve decided it’s time to rekindle the infamous Hacker Night from years past into a whole new format called the CodeJam! So bring your laptop and come join your fellow developers — it’s time to code, hack and create!

That’s right the CodeJam is on, and we’ve planned a few of them coming up here real soon so you can get your hands on the coolest newest technology! Several people for the last few weeks have been asking about the CodeJam and what I’ve been up to since coming back to SAP and so now it’s time to start sharing a lot more of what all that is…




The CodeJam event is an opportunity to not only get your hands on something for free but to hang with your peeps to code and hack together! It’s chance to put yourself to the test and see what you can create! Not to mention rumor has it some of the “perks” of the original Hacker Night will be present as well 😉

We’re so happy to announce that these first few events will be taking place in April and even more so about where! The first up is in Berlin, Germany on April 23rd starting at 2 pm. Followed by another hosted by our friends over at Bluefin Solutions in London, England on the 25th starting at 11am and then our third taking place down in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 1st!

It’s an exciting time and we are going to try it all! From the SAP offices to one of our partners to one of the cool local places and to top it off we’re going to share it, when possible, in Code Exchange and without a doubt blogs will be there for sure!

Some of you might be wondering, what another in a family of events at SAP? Yes that’s right! DemoJam which started back in 2004 to showcase the coolest of the cool, followed by the InnoJam which launched just a couple of years back giving everyone an opportunity to explore, experience and innovate around all SAP technologies is now joined by the CodeJam designed to give developers a very targeted look into our platforms!

Speaking of focused, that’s what CodeJam is all about, it is a short compact format of 5 to 6 hours to develop, code and exchange with your peers on SAP technology. These first 3 events are actually going to be Mobile focused which means the entire SAP Mobility Platform but rest assured we have already started talking to folks about the next CodeJam with the HANA platform in place as well as a few other surprises to come in the very near future!

Grab your laptop, your mobile device, imagination and be sure to sign up soon, it’s free but limited seating!

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  • Awesome news!!! I have been waiting on this for a while! Now to work out details on getting to one. Any chance on having smaller/satelite events? Or, heck, we are in the new world of instant anywhere, so how about remote access to any of those locations to participate as well?!?!?! 😉

    • Great announcement Craig,

      Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it onsite during this round, but I will sure be trying to participate in future events.

      Some kind of remote access would be great, but focus on onsite experience for the first few events. I am sure there are more to follow.

  • Hey guys here’s some help for SAP CodeJam London!

    Getting to Bluefin. Bluefin is situated in Building 4, 566 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5YE. It is well served by all kinds of transport:

    • By Air:
      • London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is about 28 minutes from Acton Town Underground (Piccadilly Line) which is 10 mins walk from the office.
      • London Gatwick Airport (LGW) is around 60 minutes – take the Heathrow Express to Victoria Station and then the Underground (District Line Westbound direction Richmond) to Gunnersbury Station which is 2 mins walk from the office. Advanced travellers can take an alternate route: change at Clapham Junction and then Richmond for a small saving in time and money.
    • By Car: Bluefin is just off the end of the M4 motorway but parking is limited on-site so there is paid parking 5 mins walk away at this hotel:
    • By Tube: Gunnersbury on the District line is 2 mins walk. Acton Town on the Piccadilly line is 10 mins walk (really convenient for Heathrow airport).
    • By Rail: Gunnersbury Rail is 2 mins walk. Kew Bridge is 10 mins walk. If you are coming from Waterloo station then change at Richmond for the Underground.
    • By Bus: Served by routes 237 (White City), 391 (Fulham), H91, 267 (Hammersmith).

    Staying near Bluefin. Chiswick is not the cheapest place in the world so book early and shop around. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sounds like a few new and exciting events coming our way. Too bad they were announced relatively late, otherwise I would have loved to have joined.

    Anyway, I’m trying to understand what SAP is doing/targeting with CodeJam and I’m not sure this is so very clear to me.

    Very recently leadership at SAP has continued to express the desire to put our developers together with those of our partners and customers as we did in the beginning 40 years ago

    In what way will CodeJam be different (or complement) Innojam to achieve that goal?

  • Hello Craig,

    Is India not included in the list? I just finished reading the blog of Fred and thought of asking you as to when will you join us here for CodeJam? Excuse in case I have missed any communication!