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Hi All ,

In this article you will know how to change your Bex Query Semantic layer source in your web intelligence report in 5 finger clicks.

One of the greatest features that Business Objects has is to connect you BO server to a different data sources.

Business Scenario: you have 1 Business Objects4 landscape (system) in your organization, and you have 2 BW systems Dev/QA, Prod as sources 

You would like to connect your BO server to BW Dev/QA for Testing the Gui/Functionality and Data and then connecting the same web intelligence reports that you have designed ,but this time  over your BW production, remember 1 BO server connected to 2 BW systems

Before we begin- key assumption

  1. You will need to have your BEX Query report available for BO – develop/write your report in BW Development and transport the BW Query to BW QA
  2. need to tell your business objects admin to set up  booth BW system’s as source in Business Objects – see pic 1 + pic 2
  3. I assume you already developed your web intelligence report over Bex Query which is on your BW Development or QA systems.

Picture 1 -you choose Bex query as source

pic 01.PNG


Picture 2 – you can see you have your 2 BW system configured – in my case BWD & BWP




Next Step

After you have chosen one of your web intelligence reports over BWD/BWQ, you have the option to go to the Data tab (if you don’t see the Tab it is because you don’t have permissions)




Then right click over the query –you will have a menu bar- choose change source




After clicking on change source you have the following screen – choose specify a new data source and click on the select a data source


Now it will open your BW system’s as pic 2 shows – you can chose your Bex Query Source in your BW Production system (you first need to transport the same BW Query which is over your BW Dev/QA system to your BW production and that is it) you can choose your BW Bex Query from your BW Production and then the web intelligence report will run over BW Production



Simple as that !!!!

Hope you liked this “How to”

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  1. Henry Banks

    I like your ‘how to’, but i didn’t like the links you promoted to your company site.

    This isn’t an advertorial space. Also, there is a slight conflict of interest around your company’s BICS nomenclature – which is the same accronym as SAP’s BW NetWeaver BICS (BI Consumer Service Interface)

    Made some minor edits and republished.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi H,

      as I see the forum , I invest my time that the community will see that informationas I am , and if there is a need for assitance we are here to help & to promote me, my business and the community , this is our “return” of invesmant .

      as of our name – our comapny name came long  before SAP issued the BICS Protocul we stand for business intelligence consulting services , but we had good laugh about it 2 years ago in ISUG


  2. Former Member


    How would I know whether the webi report connected to BWD or BWP BEx query. No option provided by SAP in this. DO you have any idea?



    1. Henry Banks

      hmmm. Yes, that’s an enhancement request right there. Would be good to have an indicator of the SID / entitlement being pointed to by the BEx query.

      Anyway, when you do “Change source” and browse the target connection, you will know for sure that you are consuming a different system .




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