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IDoc Packaging with PI 7.11 (and above)

Topic sounds very familiar? Yes, it is!

Although, this had been discussed many-a-times in the past across blogs/documents it’s only been put down to share it from a different perspective : Practical usage of various related parameters while doing configuration for IDoc packaging.

So, instead of discussing it again from scratch idea here is to quickly analyze & understand the relation between parameter values mentioned in IDoc sender adapter, package size in partner profile and value set in report used for sending IDocs in a batch.

Each of us will be aware of below basic configuration steps used to collect multiple IDocs in a batch and create single/multiple messages.

Configuration in ECC System using collect IDocs option with partner profile

Partner Profile.jpg

Define package size in PI with IDoc sender adapter.

IDoc sender .jpg

Report (RSEOUT00) which will be executed/scheduled as a background job to send IDocs at once to PI.

Batch Report.jpg

So, once this report is executed all IDocs will be send to PI in a single/multiple messages depending upon various values set across ECC & PI. But, for desired output one often think “what” values should be maintained in those parameters. Here is analyis snapshot :


Now, sometimes this IDoc packaging is required with same IDoc in PI but used across numerous intergration scenarios. And for each & every such scenario has a different collection pattern which is intended to be used for creating a single message/file for vendors.

Say, integration scenario 1 needs data for 100 IDocs in a single file while scenario 2 needs data for 200 IDocs in a single file. In such a case, if IDoc sender adapter has a parameter value as “150” it will suffice for 1st case but not for other.

Tip: In that case, we can set package size in IDoc sender adapter to a maximum possible value (when evaluated across all such interfaces). Afterwards, no of files/messages to be created will be based upon parameter value set/used in partner profile/batch job keeping package size in PI constant.

Hoping, this will be useful for technical as well as functional experts (to understand behaviour, for peculiar IDoc collection requirements) at a glance and can serve as quick reference while deciding parameter values with feasible options for improved design.

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