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Troubleshooting Guide for SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3 Installation

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I recently installed SAP NW Portal 7.3 and this is my attempt to share my learning’s and tips and tricks which might be helpful for successful installation.

This is a good blog to get you started with the Portal 7.3 installation. The author has really done a good job.

I have tried to install the Portal 7.3 on a 32 bit Windows 7 Operating System.

Now coming to the learning’s:

  1. User Authorization: Make sure that the user with which you log into the system for installing the portal has administration access to the system. You can check the authorizations to the user in a Windows account in the User Account section in Control Panel. Ensure that the user belongs to the Administrator Group.
  2. Master Password: While installing the portal 7.3 it asks to enter a master password for the different system users which will automatically be created after the installation, this password should be similar to your Windows log in password. When I tried to install giving the master password different from my windows log in password I ran into a number of issues and ensuring this I was able to proceed with the installation.
  3. Server Instance Not getting started: I successfully installed the portal server and after a system reboot my server would just not start.In order for the server to start it is required that the MAXDB database service should be up and running. Go to Run dialog box and execute the command services.msc. Find the service MAXDB:<Portal System ID>. Start this service. If the service starts here you are good to go. Set the Startup Type from Manual to Automatic for this service so that you don’t have to do this step again and again. However for me this service would just not start and show status Starting forever. In this case refer to Point 4.
  4. MAXDB instance not getting started: If the MAXDB service does not starts then you will have to do it manually through the command prompt. In order to do this launch the command prompt and switch to the directory “<drive>:\sapdb\<SID>\db\pgm” (where SID is the System ID of your portal system). Execute the following command: dbmcli.exe -d <SID> -u superdba,<master password> db_online  where SID is the System ID of your portal server, master password is the password you have given during portal installation.superdba is system user which gets created during portal install.
  5. ERR_SHMNOTAVAILABLE: If after executing the above command you get an error stating “Shared Memory Not available”. This is probably due to the        UAC (User Account Control) Settings in your Windows Account. In order to correct this execute the command msconfig in the Run dialog box and go to     the tools tab. Launch the tool Change UAC Settings and change the settings to “Never Notify”. Reboot the system and try to execute Step 4 command      again. Now you should be able to start the MAXDB Database instance.
  6. The SAP Instance installed is not visible in the SAP MMC: Even after including the Instance in the SAP System by following the procedure as given in 

        SAP Help (Changing the Configuration of the SAP MMC the Server does not function.

        When trying to start it gives the following error “dcom interface error in sap mmc”. This problem occurs because somehow few services have been


        Resolution: In order to resolve this Server Instance profiles needs to be registered. For this service needs to be created.

        Go to <drive>:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\SYS\exe\uc\NTI386

        And launch “sapstartsrv.exe”


       In this window enter the SID and Instance Number. The Start Profiles can be found in <drive>:\usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\profile. 

       The User and Password fields can be left blank. When clicked on Ok it will show that the service is created. Now go to the MMC and start the Server

        Instance. It will start now.

      Good luck with the SAP Portal 7.3 installation 🙂

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