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Successful SAP BI Project which went live and includes SAP Business Objects 4 over SAP BW 7.1

BICS is proud to present a successful SAP BI Project which went live and includes SAP Business Objects 4 over SAP BW 7.1

Hi All,

In this article we will share with you a success story of one of our SAP BI project using SAP Business Objects 4 over SAP BW 7.1

Customer: SAP Customer running SAP Best Practice

Users: Over 50 Business Intelligence users

Project scope:

  1. Implementation of the SAP BI Best Practice with COPA,PP,MM,FI,SD,PUR,IV,PS
  2. Enchantment of Info Objects Material, Customer , SD & COPA BI modules
  3. Implementation of Organizational KPI’s for 6 business  areas 


The Data warehouse is SAP BW, Front end tools is SAP Business Objects 4 web intelligence for management /analysis reports + crystal reports 2011 for transactional reports

BW-We have 2 SAP BW 7.1 landscapes: BW Dev acting also as BW QA and BW Production

BO-We have 2 SAP Business Objects landscapes – BO Dev , BO Prod

Authorization concept:

The authorization module includes 3 tiers

Tier1– Data level security coming from SAP BW

Tier2-SAP Business Objects web intelligence technical tool functionality (authorization over what kind of buttons and functionality the BO Webi will present for each user)

Tier3– SAP Business Objects control on the list of folders available for each user


Training method  was” train the trainer”- we have trained the Customer IT personal , they are responsible for User training.


1.We are the first service companies in the local market who went live with a full SAP BI project using SAP BW & SAP Business Objects 4, we had couple of problems with query performance, which eventually was stable after enhancement of SAP Notes , BO system tuning and last but not least we have established several of key development procedures for Business Object reporting over SAP BW Query as semantic layer.

2.There was several of Web intelligence functionality that wasn’t working over BW, some of them we have developed workaround, some of them reported to SAP and will be fixed in FP3 and future development 


Project went live as scheduled, SAP Business Objects reporting went live and kicking, good SAP support from SAP locally and globally

For more information | |visit our SAP BI Center of expertise

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  • Adir, Would you please give some pointers on the performance related issue and what are the best practices you followed.

    Secondly, you have mentioned some of the Webi functionality didn’t work initially and you have achieved them through work arounds. What are they.

    It would be a very good value addition for the partner community.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Tilak

      please understand that I cannot share with you all of our information since it is our asset and we have invested lots of time & money to develop our best practice and how to

      what I can share with you is the following important notes

      1592802 for performance + learn on  query stripping


      1646736 #SYNTAXuse

      also use the latest BO service pack – I think it is 13 , soon there will be FP3 which is going to solve lots of problems

      there are lots more notes but these ones really helpful and is really depend on the need

      as of webi functionality and work around there are lots of them , some if them you can find in the BO forums 


  • Hey Adir,

    Thanks for sharing your success stories and some insight about the project 🙂 , SAP BW and BO if implemented properly can bring numerous benefits to the business as a whole.

    Please also share if you took any direct connectivity approach via SAP ECC transient providers and what the version of SAP ECC on the client side ?


    -Ahmed Baseer

  • Hi Adir, thanks for sharing. You mention performance tuning and a few notes in response to Talik.

    Are you able to share with the community specifically with how you took a report and made it run faster through following SAP notes?

    • Hi David,

      I think that the quest for better performance with webi over SAP BW yet still to be resolved

      Once you understand that webi report is not BW Bex Analyzer or WAD report, you get into a new world that I call “web intelligence report modeling” .

      After you have done balancing in the CMC – separated the BICS process and gave it enough memory, and maybe took the auditing off /statistics and so on

      And After you take into account the advantages & disadvantages of stripping, after you realize that you have implemented SAP notes, and done you query filtering in Bex Query and not on webi  ,and so on , you will figure from my opinion that you need to model you reports.

      I now understand that the solution of building 1 Bex query report for all webi queries might not be the ultimate solutions as it was recommended, because of performance tuning

      You need to think on how many queries you perform in 1 webi report , as you know 1 webi report has several of tabs , each tab can have several of queries which presents different type of data , it could by over one  Bex query report that presents several of aggregation levels and maybe different types of data from the same query on webi . Then you might want to build several of queries that will run when necessary.

      When you do refresh you will have the option to refresh each query separately  or all together ,

      you will also need consider query maintenance& support.You will think whether you want to do refresh when open or not.

      Maybe you  will need to go up to the BW info provider model and aggregates to see if its optimize for reporting and so on.

      So my friend I don’t have a straight answer, it is complicated and depends on the customer requirements’, on the mass of data, on the SLA you need to be committed, and so on

      I can tell you that I have done several of changes as I mentioned above in one customer and everything went fine and we have good performance, and for other customer it wasn’t enough , so I needed to change the BW model also.

      I also think that  BICS protocol is not 100% balanced from code writing and optimization  ( you see it when you do trace in the system)  and still have problems as #TOREFRESH after SP04  this is my own personal opinion


      I hope it gave you some answer

  • Hi Adir,

    Can u share something deep in the project, i need to know how does a SAP BO project run and develop  in any organization.

    Recently i have completed training on SAP BO and SAP lumira and i am fresher too.

    All the company are asking about work experience in SAP field.And I don’t have any experience.

    So its difficult to find Job on SAP BO profile without having knowledge of some project idea.

    Ankit Saini