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Everyone must have seen the career site

which is brilliantly done in .Net and Flash.


There is also a video which showcases the features and it immediately strikes the users.Integration with Social Networking Sites is cool 🙂

No wonder it is very hard to beat Microsoft in terms of UI.

But i was thinking that we as SAP implementors go and implement SAP e-Recruiting Module whose UI is not for Gen-X and Gen-Y people,

who are used to browsing web 2.0 + sites.

so i tried to search on sap site if the SAP e-recruiting is available, it is ! but clearly SAP wants to showcase the Flash UI for its career seekers.

Now that brings us to the Important Question.

Should we recommend the following Landscape to customers who are already having Microsoft Platform (or even not having) ?

  • Microsoft as Front End with web 2.0 + features
  • SAP as Backend (you can’t beat SAP ERP)

This is because every time customers ask : What does SAP use for xxx Module? (if SAP Uses then it is the best practice )

Please share your thoughts.

your comments are welcome.



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