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In the age of global business opportunities, what happens when a French supplier wants to order olives in Greece but does not have a purchase order form in Greek? This scenario may be an everyday occurrence but who can our French supplier turn to for guidance and assistance?

The SAP Business ByDesign Form Adaptation Community is a joint forum of expertise where customers and partners can collaborate on the translation and adaptation of outbound documents. A pilot was launched at the end of last year with three selected development and translation partners. Via the community, 28 outbound form templates were translated into Russian and will be soon be offered to customers officially. This very successful pilot paved the way for the official launch of the SAP Adaptation Community! Partners and customers alike are invited to join – either to offer or to request translation/adaptation services for forms.

Soon you will find the SAP Form Adaptation Community in SAP Eco Hub. Until then, we will be present in SAP Social Media Groups to spread the message of our rollout and stay in contact with all interested parties. We appreciate your feedback!

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  1. Christian Happel

    Hi Sabrina,

    great idea!

    So for the time being interested partners and customers should contact you through this blog post or write you an email?

    Thanks, Christian

  2. Richard Hirsch

    Like the idea but I’m curious as to why the SAP Form Adaptation Community is in SAP Eco Hub? Wouldn’t it be better to have a more public approach?

    Are you using crowd-sourcing tools for this effort?


    1. Former Member

      Hi Richard,

      it is planned to go more public than being represented only in the EcoHub. The EcoHub is the place where partners and individuals can offer their translation and adaptation services. Form (sets) already translated and adapted can be sold via the SAP Store and the most open place to find the community will be in social media to discuss and get informed,

      • SAP Store

      Sale of forms (form sets) as add-ins according to Platform as a Service Cooperation Agreement governing IP, quality reviews, commercial terms, fees & revenue share, SAP store listing, warranty, revenue share, customer support, contract termination.

      • EcoHub

      Partner can offer translation and adaptation services based on EcoHub Participation Agreement/ SAP PartnerEdge Agreement governing IP, partner qualification, confidentiality, warranty, fees & payment, termination.

      • Social Media

      Social Media like SDN, facebook, Google+ etc. to share information and discuss experiences with customers and partners.

      What crowd-sourcing tools would you have in mind?

  3. Andreas Eissmann

    Hi Sabrina,

    I like the idea to but I don`t understand why it will be loacted in Eco Hub and not in Business Center like the other parts of the ByDesign “private” community?

    And in general I would prefer SCN as place for the community cause Adobe LifeCycle Designer is a popular tool for form adaption (not only for ByDesign) and I think there are a lot of experts already here. They don`t might be know ByDesign but they know the tool.


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Andreas,

      we will still stay present in the SCN Community due to your statement. To generate a more public approach, we want set up an own account in facebook (and/ or in another Social Media Channel) which demonstrates the community idea- here partners and customers can interact, share experiences and feedback. The service offer by partner itself will be located in the Eco Hub, as mentioned by Oswald.

      During the next days, I will post an overview about how the form adaptation community is working in detail (customer and partner side).

  4. Former Member

    This is potentially great idea, but we need more specific information on exactly how we can start participating in this initiative, that is, specifically what is the process of “translating and adapting form templates or the whole form template set”.

  5. Former Member

    We changed our plans a bit and do not go for a webinar, because it is a bit tough to find a date that fits for all interested parties. Alternatively we will put together some little videos to explain

    • ByD Form adaptation concept/overview
    • Value and process for ByD customers
    • Value and process for partners

    Comming soon in this blog!


  6. Former Member

    Questions we got: What are the outbound documents the Form Adaptation Community deals with?

    Outbound documents in ByD are:

    Sales Order Confirmation –  Sales Quote Service Request Service Order Confirmation Customer Invoice – Customer Credit Memo – Customer Correction Invoice – Customer Down Payment Request – Dunning Letter – Reminder Letter – Remittance Advice – Balance Notification – Balance Confirmation and Return Letter –  Balance Confirmation Request – Account Statement with Due Date List – Drop-Ship Order Delivery Note   Advanced Shipping Notification – Purchase Order – Changed Purchase Order – Canceled Purchase Order –  RFQ for Purchase Order – Canceled RFQ for Purchase Order – RFQ for Contract – Canceled RFQ for Contract –  Quote Result Notification – ERS Notification – Purchasing Contract

  7. Former Member

    I am quite interested in a math beyond this excersize and the process, so we definitely are waiting for the videos.

    Also, I would be very much interested to have a look at the forms that have been translated in this pilot.

    Is it possible to have a look at the set of original and translated forms, please? (those 28 pieces translated into Russian) ?

  8. Former Member

    I’ve finally commented on this and I had to give it one star because introducing yet another collaboration space is an insane waste of time. There’s so much collaboration that nothing gets done.


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