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It’s so easy – Help to Improve SAP Documentation

Since some weeks the SAP Help Portal possesses feedback mechanisms: you can rate help pages and give feedback to documentation writers from SAP. So far this mechanism has been enabled in SAP NetWeaver documentation in release 7.02. For this release the whole SAP ecosystem can use this technique to

  • tell documentation writers when they did a great job and what we appreciate,
  • indicate errors within the documentation and
  • tell when we missed something within the documentation.

Let‘s look an example. In NW 7.02 the Help Center was introduced – it allows us to provide information about applications. The framework is documented here. In my opinion the documentation is great because it contains a figure which is shown below.


And at the bottom of this page there is something new: a possibility to rate the page and to write a feedback text which is shown here:


Now you can give feedback. I decided that the figure on this page I is great but as software architect I would appreciate additional information on a overview page and I decided to give this as feedback to the documentation writers: which UI technologies are supported? Can the content be extended in a multilevel way? After pressing the “Send Feedback” button the following message was displayed:


IMHO this is a great improvement of SAP Help Portal. And from my own experience I know that documentation writers and architects really appreciate this kind of feedback. Last year I was able to speak in front of people from SAP Legal Documentation and presented them my expectations from documentation, how I work with documentation and so on. We had challenging discussions afterwards and they asked me dozens of questions: “Do you really need the information on this level of granularity?” “I always thought this may be helpful but it’s good to hear it from a customer.” I learned that documentation architects & translators are passionate about their work and they really appreciate your feedback.

So I suggest that you start when you use SAP Library next time. Do you need information about Classification Toolset that allows you to add metadata to ABAP development objects? Then have a look at the documentation and don’t forget to give feedback. Or do you need information about Technical Receiver API for Client proxies which allows you to control the receiver determination of a SOAP request dynamically. So have a look and don’t forget to give feedback. Here is the complete list of all live feedback campaigns so far:

Did you already use the feedback mechanism of SAP Help Portal? What’s your impression?

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  • Kudos and Cheers, Tobias

    I didn’t know about this feature.  Pretty useful to know about if you feel something is missing.

    Thank you for sharing!


    • The team of SAP Legal Documentation deserves thanks. I think they do a great job to innovate the help portal and to improve the quality of the content. Unfortunately not all innovations are known within SAP ecosystem. At the moment I’m thinking how all those innovations can become more visible. Any ideas?

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Tobias,

    thank you for bringing up this topic again. I also think, that this function is very useful and I also have used it. What I do not like so much is that you can not enter your email adress. I could imagine, that it would be interesting for the SAP emloyee responsible for the specific documention to come back to the author of the sugesstion to ask further questions.

    I also would apreciate very much, if it would be possible, to add an comment visible to the other users as it is done e.g. in the PHP documentation (see e.g.

    Do you have any information, how many feedback were received and if anything was or will be changed?