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Author's profile photo ILIAN Grigorov

Easier way to extract .SAR and .CAR files with SAPCAR under Windows

We all know that there is no GUI for SAPCAR so far.

It would be a lot easier if there was a DLL library or so, to write a program GUI.


I found out some people made this thing working with manipulating the registry.

Well it is OK, but I found an easy & better solution for me:

1. Get SAPCAR.EXE and put it in c:\windows\system32 (or any other folder that persists in the default windows paths)

2. In the same folder make a file SAPCAR_e.BAT with the following contents:

SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %~sf1

3. You are ready, all you have to do is make CAR and SAR files open by SAPCAR_e.BAT.

Right click on such a file and set that in the Properties window.

Result: Now when you double click a SAR/CAR file it will extract in the same folder

Advantage: If you want to upgrade SAPCAR all you have to do is replace the SAPCAR.EXE in c:\windows\system32

More: In SAPCAR_e.BAT you can put:

SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %1,

This (,) tells SAPCAR that there are possible whitespaces in the filename/filepath

In the other case

SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %~sf1

It asures that the given filepath to SAPCAR is 8.3 compatible

If you want to extract to a specified directory every time than use:

SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %1, -R “D:\MyFolder”


Also check this:

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      Author's profile photo Martin English
      Martin English

      I used this again today, so I thought I better come back and give praise where due. I can't leave things alone, so I had to modify yours ......

      SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %1, -R ".\sapcar_out"


      The files extracted are sent to the sub directory sapcar_out (which is created in the current directory if it doesn't already exist) - i.e. if you use the bat file to open c:\fred\sapcar.sar then the files are extracted to c:\fred\sapcar_out

      The pause statement does exactly that, waiting for a response before continuing.  This gives you an opportunity to see the messages output by sapcar.exe

      Example usage, with the message generated by the pause statement highlighted.

      Standing on the shoulders of giants 🙂

      Author's profile photo ILIAN Grigorov
      ILIAN Grigorov
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, I see you've done a great update. Good job! I like it!

      BTW I continue working on the GUI, but I am not ready with a new version yet.

      I will post a link upwards...

      Cheers 🙂

      Author's profile photo Kingsley Ufumwen
      Kingsley Ufumwen

      This is very helpful.

      Thanks a lot Ilian



      Author's profile photo David Burg
      David Burg

      A slight variant on the same - extracts to a new folder of the same name as a file in place, and pause to let you see the outcome:


      SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %1, -R %~p1%~n1


      %~p1 gives out the input path and %~n1 gives out the input name (without extension)


      Also just in case, SAPCAR is found in the downloads of the SAP launchpad. Just search for SAPCAR at
      You do need your SAP User S-ID to access the site.