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Mainstream maintenance Support

     SAP Business Object 3.1 was released in September 2008 and its mainstream maintenance last up until 31 December 2015.

     If you choose SAP Business Object 3.1 then again you have to upgrade it to version 4.0 at some point in the future. This will cost you again interms of money and time.  Also while upgrading the product we need to consider following points

          1. An upgrade requires technical resources

          2. After an upgradation regression testing is required  

          3. While doing upgradation, down time is required which will impact on business owners

By choosing SAP Business Object 4.0 for initial implementation, organization will get following benefits

1.             1. Organization can avoid the loss in terms of money and time (Upgradation cost & time).

2.             2. Developers will get an advantage of new functionality.

Limitation of SAP Business Object 3.1 with SAP BW

     Following Bex reporting has limitations inside SAP Business Object 3.1

1.             1. Conditions and exceptions

                2. Display settings

                3. Hierarchies (when implemented as true hierarchy objects in BW)

                4. Time key figures

                5. Reporting directly on Master Data objects

Features of BOBJ 4.0

1.       1. Integration with SAP BW is better than SAP Business Object 3.1

          2. User interfaces are improved

          3. SAP Solution Manager support

          4. Upgradation in management tool etc…………

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