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Generate Time Data in SAP HANA – Part 2

Hello Everyone,

In this document, I tried to explain “Generate Time Data” functionality. Through this, I am trying to provide the general idea about the “Generate Time Data” using Calendar Type “Fiscal”.

This is the continuation of the previous document


1. Generate the master data from the specific time frame that you are interested in

  • On the Quick Launch Page > Data > Generate Time Data

2. Verify the generated data within _SYS_BI.M_FISICAL_CALENDAR

3. Create a new Fiscal Time based Attribute view

  • Right Click on Attribute View > New

4. Enter FISCAL_00 for the name of the view

  • For the Calendar Type Select > Fiscal.
  • For the variant select K4:800
  • Click on Auto Create.
  • Click Finish.

5. As a result you will see the fiscal calendar table with the generated Attributes.

     Note: Optionally you can remove any attribute fields that are not needed.

6. Right Click on the Attribute View > Activate

7. Right Click on the Attribute View > Preview

8. Use the Attribute view within an existing Analytical View AN_TIME_00.

  • Right Click on Analytical View > Open

9. Open the logical view.

10. Drag the FISICAL_00 attribute view into the Analytical views logical view.

11. Create a join (referential n..1) between FISCAL_00.DATE and the data foundation HZDAT field.

12. Activate & Preview

Hope it is useful for all.. 🙂

Thanks for reading the document.


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  • Hello Neha,

    Thanks for a good blog.

    Can we do this @cloudhsare access ?  I mean i get few tables missing for doing this action? Are you doing this in your local machine or at cloudshare access. If it is on cloudshare can you let me know the steps to follow to achieve this?

    • Hello Krishna,

      Thanks for reading my document.

      I am doing it on my local machine not on cloud share. If you are not able to use the “Generate Time Data” function then you need to replicate some T009 and T009B SAP Standard tables in SAP HANA. Then you able to do the Handson.

      Hope it is helpful.


        • Hello Krishna,

          1. If Data Provisioning is activate on cloudshare then you can replicate by using SLT.

          2. Manually you can do the same like create the structure and then load the data through flat file.

          I never worked on the cloudshare. so cant comment what is working on cloudshare and what is not.


          • Hello Neha,

            I have DS tool at my cloudshare to replicate. My question was where do i find these tables T009 , to replicate them


            Krishna Tangudu

  • Hello Neha,

    Great blog, it has been very helpful, we have followed your instructions but after generation the entries in our M_FISCAL_CALENDAR are not correct.

    We have a 4 week period fiscal variant, so for example:

    Period                      Start              End

    1                          01.04.2012     28.04.2012

    2                          29.04.2012     26.05.2012

    After we generate the entries our table contains the following:

    Date                    Period

    28.04.2012               1

    29.04.2012               1

    30.04.2012               1

    01.05.2012               2

    It should contain:

    Date                    Period

    28.04.2012               1

    29.04.2012               2

    30.04.2012               2

    01.05.2012               2

    Can you help, what have we done wrong?


  • Hi Neha,

    How I do I get data into those tables. I have HANA system and all the tables in _SYS_BI are empty. Could you drive me how I can get the data into those tables?