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Hi all,

Can anyone provide a link for detail functionality of SAP B1 8.81 outlook integration as well as SBO Mailer?

Am confuse with the differences and detail functionality of add on and server tools of SBO Mailer.

I know that you can go to File –> send –> Outlook email for marketing document, this is under standard function or outlook integration? By doing this, it will open up Outlook’s email page and marketing document will be automatically reflect as PDF attachement.

You can also click on Outlook icon under menu bar, it will open out message box whereby you can add recipient by business partner or business partner’s contact person or users under SAP B1, if sent out from here, it will reflect under out message icon (same icon as approval procedure alert). At this screen also you can click on ‘Send email via Outlook’, then email will be sent via outlook, user will be able to view the email under ‘Sent’ folder in outlook.

So which is related to outlook integration and which is SBO mailer? Anyone have a link that is presented in either power point or video for each program details will be much appreciated.

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  1. Jimmy Michael


    Based on your explanation, I think you are trying to compare 2 different features in SAP B1  and seems like apple to orange comparison.

    As you can see that the outlook integration will utilize microsoft outlook to send the e-mail and using outlook integration, you do not need any settings anymore.

    In SBO mailer, you must set the SMTP server, its user name, rits password, connection test, etc. Using SBO mailer, you do not need microsoft outlook anymore.

    The info of sent e-mail can be seen in the OALR table.


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for your link but it is in spanish, can you give me English link? Do you have anything on Outlook Integration? Thanks.

  2. Former Member

    On the SBO 9.0 Academy page about Application management you’ll find under System Administration – E-mail enhancements an explanation of the difference between e-mail by MS Outlook or SBO Mailer.


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