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What Users Expect from Portal ?


Over the years,i have met people at different Levels in Organisation (Entry Level,Causal Users,Power Users,Managers,CxO), just to understand what their general view about SAP Portal implementations,Most of them were from Non IT Departments and that really provide a true picture.

my observations are as below.

The Landing Page 

     The Immediate page after we log in should be Simple,informative and Lightening Fast.

     People hate it when the landing page is a service and takes a while to load.

     some also stated that the home menu is not required.

Easy Access to Self Services.

      People do not want to drill down from Services Page to find the Service.

     Some always compare other internet sites and want the hover menus with clickless navigation

Browser compatibility

     People don’t like when we say xxx browser is not supported.

     The immediate reaction are

          “When are you going to support xxx browser?”

          “My leagacy apps work fine with these browsers,what the issue with portal?”

          Dont even mention PAM in front of these users 🙂

Timeout Messages

      Portal Timeout,Application Timeout

      People want the applications and sessions to stay forever Active 🙁

Single Sign On with Legacy Apps

     Now this is tricky.Some want SSO from Portal to Home Grown Sites and Some Reverse.

Portal Access on Mobile.

      Mostly The young breed and the CxO want this.

      One of them asked “I want integrated Facebook and Linkedin in Portal”

Email Approval

     Managers and Above love this.

     Some asked ” Can my Assistant approve on my Behalf?”

Mobile Applications: Multiple Device Support

     Generally people want to apply Leave Request,Travel Request,Check Status of various Requests on Mobile

    (Smartphones and Tabs would be the appropriate words 🙂 )

SAP GUI Access in iPAD

      I thought iPAD is for Sr Executives who are more interested in Reports,Status updates etc..But i had this request… looks like this person is not ready to leave the Connection with Technical Field..

Applications Wish-List

     Most Desired Apps on ESS

          Leave Request

          Travel Requests    

          Salary Details

          Who’s Who

Most Desired Apps on MSS

     well, managers want all the Status Reports,Tracking,BW reports..always want more and more……….

An important observation is that very few wanted to use Chat feature on Portal

Getting the feedback personally and informally is more important than using Survey..well thats what i have learned over these years 🙂

I am sure most of you also must be having such lists. Please share your thoughts and views…..



The views expressed here are solely personal.

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