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This is my BI Story – What is yours?

Thank you SCN for broadening my thinking to understand the value of “I” in the “B”. With 1.7 years of experience in IT industry of which I have 1.5 years of experience in SAP “BI”.  I am told with many examples how “best run business run SAP” and how SAP helps business to do it in an intelligent way.

Which made my eyes stare with anxiety, when any seniors in the industry used to mention about how business were “Run” successfully using SAP BI. May be my story with an experience of 1.7 years many not interest the members of cross skilled members of this community but am writing this story to help me understand my present position and frame my career path, hoping that SCN community will guide me to realize my career goals.

I started as an SAP BI Consultant, who monitors and solves the incidents (if any), to help a Food Giant to run their business smoothly over 3 Zones and in 50 + Markets.  We do reconciliations, planning and forecasting to help the business to track their production, dispatch the orders smoothly and help them to win the customer confidence. I saw the Food Giant Company effectively organizing its efforts and run their business which is spread globally in an efficient manner and making a good ROI.

I along with doing this daily job activity and learn t about various “meets” and “confluences” by SAP all over the world and decided to go to SAP TechEd to see the latest innovations from SAP to revolutionize the Business world. I understood that SAP is trying to understand the problems like getting required reports “real time” and to address the performance issues and to transform the world into a next generation Apps using SAP HANA. In TechEd I saw “SAP Charitra” project which helps the needy people to get their needs address with the donors available and I am very much happy to know that this idea was addressed by SAP HANA.

With SAP’s Integrated Business suite solution, their making people realize how faster and efficiently they can collaborate, share and Win together. Entrepreneurs using these applications like SAP HANA, Cloud and mobile solutions started thinking in an alternate way to make their business perform even better. The user case studies of SAP HANA customers show these results. It is also helping researchers, Scientists to perform their calculations in a faster way and saving a lot of time for them.

This made me interested to learn ,try and implement SAP HANA and understand how it helps the business especially public sector and humanity causes. With the inspiration of “SAP Charitra”, I along with my friends started to think of a project which will help to serve the humanity. We are still working on it which focuses to help people who require medical attention like eye donations, kidney trans plantations, blood donations etc.., to the needy people on time and saving a LIFE. I hope I will be able to complete this demo and present to SCN Community soon for your valuable suggestions.

I might not have had an interesting “I” story which helped “B” to progress, as I am a new entrant with limited experience. But with the help of SCN Community, SAP mentors, my fellow peers and experienced people in the industry I hope I get a chance to do an “I” coupled with “B” and write my more appropriate experience of my “BI” Story to tell to my friends. 🙂

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