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Customer exit RSR00001 is an exit used in the reporting side of BI. If we need to use a processing type other than manual entry / default value, replacement path, SAP exit, or authorization, then a customer exit gives the option of setting up a processing type for variables. The customer exit is designed as an enhancement  which can be configured with customer specific logic. All variable types like characteristic value variables, hierarchy node variables, hierarchy variables, formula variables and text variables can be processed using the Customer Exit processing type.

CMOD Transaction

‘CMOD’ is the transaction code to create a project for customer exit. In the tcode enter the name of the project to be created and click on create as shown in the figure below.


In the next screen select the button enhancement assignments. Here the customer exit is to be entered in the enhancement column as shown in the figure given below. RSR00001 is entered in the enhancement column and ‘components’ button is selected after that.


In the components button the name of the exit is shown against the function exit as in the figure given below. Double click on the exit ‘EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001’ which will take us to the function module inside the exit.


In the function module we can see the name of the include file where we have to write the code as shown in the figure below. Double click on the include file name to go inside the function module to write the code we need to perform. We can see the import and export tab to check the import and export parameters which is helpful to write code in the exit. Once the code is done activate the customer exit.


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