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Characteristic value movement across Systems through ALE in Release Strategy Implementation

Some of the important aspects while processing ALE are as follows:

As many of you might already have experienced, if you try to transport the release strategy customizing, the data in the new system is inconsistent. The reason for this system behavior is that the classification data cannot be ‘transported’, it has to be sent by ALE.

Therefore you could use transactions: The correct order is important here.

Transaction codes:

  1. BD91 – For Migrating Characteristics
  2. BD92 – For Migrating Class
  3. BD93 – For Migrating Classification Values
  4. WE05/WE09 – For checking Idoc status
  5. SE38 – For Processing Idoc’s

Logical Message:

  1. CHRMAS – For Characteristics
  2. CLSMAS – For Class
  3. CLFMAS – For Classification Values

Program to process Idoc’s :


Prerequisite: Before doing all above step in other client please move all configuration changes through Rev Trac(the Release code and Release Strategy Descriptions).


Transaction BD91: Enter a Characteristic for which the changes have been done in Development System and select appropriate Logical system where the data needs to be transferred.

BD91 1.JPG

After execution in BD91 transaction code the Idoc will get generated and the same needs to be processed by calling SE 38 transaction code and Program RSEOUT00 as below.

idoc 2.JPG

se38 3.JPG

After successful migration of Characteristic value then we need to pass Class value by selecting appropriate Logical system where the data needs to be transferred.

BD92 4.JPG

The same step which we done in above SE38 screen needs to be repeated here for different Logical Message so as to process Idoc successfully.

idoc check 6.JPG

Finally we need to pass Classification Data by calling BD93 transaction code and selecting same Logical System.

Bd93 7.JPG

The created Idoc’s needs to be processed by calling SE38 transaction code as same as we did for Characteristic and class.

Reference SAP Notes:

365604     FAQ: Release strategies in purchasing  
86900      Transport of Release strategies (OMGQ,OM
45951      Transporting class data: system / client

For more info about how to set-up ALE in the

R/3 Library -> CA – Cross Aplication Components -> Business Framework Architecture -> ALE Integration Technology -> ALE Quick start).

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